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Passwordstate 9.3 Build 9360 (Trial)

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A reliable and comprehensive web-based solution designed for secure management of passwords, for both individuals and teams of people

What's new in Passwordstate 9.3 Build 9360:

Host discovery jobs will no longer duplicate hosts records, if a newly discovery host in an Active Directory OU has been previously manually added to Passwordstate Removed the 'Your Position' button when performing SSH sessions with Browser Based Gateway Added extra steps to the Database Upgrade screen in Passwordstate to ensure relevant session variables are set before an upgrade can proceed Fixed •For the new Server 2022 operating systems, removed the reference to Standard

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Passwordstate is a browser based application that allows you to create and manage a complex database in which you can store all the passwords you use for all kinds of services and accounts.

Well designed interface

Passwordstate displays a user-friendly interface which has a very clear design and allows for easy browsing and configuration. All the passwords that you create can be added to predefined categories or custom defined ones.

You also get a section that displays your most commonly used or favorite passwords, along with a graph that displays afferent statistics.

Since passwords are meant to be private, Passwordstate provides a ‘Recent Activity’ feature that you can use to see if anyone besides yourself has made any modifications to them or the information that is attached. Or, in a different way, you can use this feature to remind yourself if you have made any changes to a password.

Grant permissions to other users

Passwordstate is able to store a very large number of passwords for servers, network monitoring tools, personal websites, accounts and if you’re working in a large company with hundreds of employees, overlooking their use and managing them can prove to be an overwhelming task.

For this reason Passwordstate is fitted with a feature that allows you, the administrator, to grant new permissions for other people. To do so, you merely select the person from a list and she or him can receive the privilege to view the passwords or modify them.

Moreover, it’s possible to allow password access to that user only between certain hours of the day, making Passwordstate a very viable solution for companies that rely on employees that work remotely.

Generate random passwords and store them

All-in-all, there is a lot more to discover about Passwordstate which should convince you of its capabilities and practicality. All you have to do is give it a shot.

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