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Passbolt for Chrome 3.3.0 (Open Source)

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Keep important credentials you share with your team stored in a powerful, secure database managed through a web interface thanks to this little tool

It gets incredibly frustrating to be on your last attempt to enter the correct password to an important service and not remember it. On the bright side of things, there are various specialized services and applications which can keep your credentials safe, and Passbolt for Chrome is a suitable example of such a tool, this one specially designed for teams.

Set up a secure account to store credentials

As the name clearly points out, Google Chrome needs to be installed on your computer for the application to properly function. It seamlessly integrates with the browser, and works without asking you to restart it. A dedicated button is added next to the URL field which allows you to quickly reach your account.

However, adding the extension is only a way to enable quick access to the Passbolt service. The actual first step to securing your credentials is to create a Passbolt account where all data is saved. A master password is required, while the service returns a public and secret key you need to keep safe at all costs, because access to an account is not possible if these details are lost, even if you know the master password.

Create and share sets of credentials with your team

All operations are performed through a web interface, so an active Internet connection is required at all times. Adding new items is not a difficult thing once your account is configured. All you need to do is to provide a name, URI, username, and a password which can be generated on the spot. You can include an additional description.

Since the service is mostly oriented towards team use, it provides sharing capabilities. Users and groups can be managed from the interface, given you have access and privileges to the connected domain. One or more items can easily be shared by providing the target user names or corresponding email addresses. Items are easily accessed through categories in the main screen.

To sum it up

Truth be told, Passbolt for Chrome itself is only a quick way to access the Passbolt service which is the real deal. Accounts can easily be created and managed here, and most of all shared with multiple individuals in your team so all important shared credentials are secure and easy to access by anyone in your team.

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