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Pandoc Portable 2.15 (Donationware)

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Haskell library that can be integrated with your software products to provide document conversion features to end users, featuring support for many filetypes

What's new in Pandoc Portable 2.15:

Add --sandbox option (#5045): Add sandbox feature. When this option is used, readers and writers only have access to input files (and other files specified directly on command line). This restriction is enforced in the type system. Filters, PDF production, custom writers are unaffected. This feature only insulates the actual readers and writers, not the pipeline around them in Text.Pandoc.App. Note that when --sandboxed is specified, readers won’t have access to the resource path, nor will anything have access to the user data directory.

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Pandoc is a universal markup converter that can be accessed from PowerShell. It's a Haskell library that supports Markdown, MultiMarkdown, PHP Markdown Extra, CommonMark, LaTeX, MediaWiki Markup, reStructuredText, GitHub-Flavored Markdown, DocBook, Muse, EPUB, Word DOCX, ODT and many others.

The software application comes bundled with comprehensive options and configuration settings for experienced users. It's capable of preserving tabs, tracking changes, as well as of parsing raw data. It can even create HTML, HTML5 or XHTML slideshows with the help of Slidy, DZSlides, reveal.js, S5, or Slideous. Custom writers can be created in the Lua programming language.

Pandoc detects a wide range of markdown syntax extensions to convert the data to the new file format. This includes tables, definition lists, smart quotes, ellipses, dashes, subscript and superscript, strikeout effects, along with document info such as title, author and date. It has a special tool dedicated to converting citations and bibliographies (pandoc-citeproc.exe). The bibliography database covers JSON citeproc, MEDLINE, EndNote, MODS, RIS, and bibtex. Templates can be put together from scratch using custom settings and filters, depending on the user's preferences.

Full documentation can be inspect on the developer's website to get started with Pandoc. It's free and open-source, released under the GPLv2 license, as well as available in an install and portable package.

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