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December 21, 2021 (3 mins ago)
Pako 3
Tree Men Games
Unlocked Cars, No Ads

Pako 3 MOD APK from Tree Men Games is a game that any cartoon racing fan must play, even once. The color scheme is so beautiful, the gameplay is simple but very addictive.

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Introduce about Pako 3

Immerse yourself in the world of exciting racing!

One of the passions of speed enthusiasts is quality chases. That means high speed, fast response, good physics, and eye-catching visuals. Because of such requirements, to be honest, few racing games on mobile can do it well.

Only one exception, Pako 3.

Let’s talk about Pako a little bit. This is a racing game series with a top-down perspective. When it first appeared on PC, it had been very popular with its very unique gameplay. And recently when the publisher officially brought it to mobile, with the name Pako 3, it has attracted many players to play.

The very quality and creative chases

When playing the game, you will play the role of a criminal being chased by the police. To get out of that siege, you have to both drive at a terrifying speed and have a lot of moves to dodge, knock over, and collide with things on the road.

Pako 3 MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

The reason why this game has the quality racing car chase lies in a top-notch physics mechanism. Pako 3 will make you fall in love from the first scene. A series of violent car crashes, flying through the wall and then landing in the car shaking, driving at high speed, hitting with a bang, knocking the police car away, leaving a trail of smoke and a terrible explosion… You can completely do all of it, which often just have in movies or high-quality 3D chase games on PC, in Pako 3.

Your mission is to escape from the police at any cost. Use all your driving skills, taking advantage of all-terrain advantages, despite the dangers, breaks the traffic rules on the road to escape the cop. It is the task and countless difficult situations that are set on the road that makes Pako 3 players constantly think if there is a way to escape. From there, it will have many ways to create spectacular stunts.

Freely custom your car

Pako 3 has more than 30 different cars. Overcoming many challenges of chasing and unlocking new cars is one of the great “trophies” that stimulate players in Pako 3. For each car, you can also repaint the color you want to most eye-catching. My secret is that sometimes you should choose a slightly embossed paint color for easy identification. Because there are scenes to play, the obstacles are so tangled that it can no longer distinguish between your car and police car. Embossed colors will make it easier to see and navigate.

Pako 3 for Android 1440x810

Along the way, don’t forget to collect special items for more escape advantages. Speed ​​up, slow down time, destroy everything while the vehicle is unaffected, become invisible for a moment… These items, although not with you forever, will more or less help you out of many difficult situations.

Constantly driving

The control mechanism in Pako 3 is very minimalist. Long press the left or right screen to navigate the car. Hold both buttons to perform skids or handbrake. Everything has been made simple and convenient so that you can only focus on solving difficult situations on the road.

It can be shocking to constantly drive on the road with players who are used to playing sightseeing driving. In Pako 3, you have to do all sorts of things in a very fast time: swinging, dodging, overtaking vehicles on the road, avoiding houses and trees, knocking down an electric pole, or running across the street. Then later the level of attack from the police is even more terrible, an armored vehicle appears, the rain of bullets whizzing towards you. Just one collision or one bullet is enough for your car to explode in a cloud of smoke. The feeling of tension will come like a storm. You have to stay calm in any situation to expect to find a plan to escape.

Beautiful graphics

Not a realistic description, nor an eye-catching colorful animation, Pako 3 has very artistic graphics. Each scene plays in a different color tone. 30 playable scenes are 30 times you have to watch with your eyes wide open to witness the excellent creations from the landscape, to the fleet of vehicles and obstacles on the road.

Pako 3 APK download 1440x810

The scenery around the two sides of the road has been shortened quite a bit compared to the PC version, but the obstacles, details, and developments that occur on the chase track remain the same in terms of detail. It’s so detailed that you can see the grid of the fence, the height of the dividers. And of course, all police force vehicles from all directions are in your sights. That’s the advantage of the top-down perspective, especially in chase-style games like this.

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