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Imagine if this world lacked color, what would it look like? I ask you this question just to lure you guys to the game that I’ve been playing for two days and can’t take my eyes off: Paint by Number MOD APK.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Paint by Number
    1. What is Paint by Number?
    2. Is it difficult to color in Paint by Number?
    3. The operation is simple, but the experience is boundless
  2. MOD APK version of Paint by Number
    1. MOD feature
  3. Download Paint by Number APK & MOD for Android

Introduce about Paint by Number

Color by number: healthy and full-of-art entertainment!

One of the healthy entertainments on smartphones and tablets is Coloring. It can be both an app and a game, with many effects in one: nurturing emotions, freeing stress. It is beautiful, quiet, accumulating so much positive energy. You can play with children or online friends comfortably. If you are looking for a game to fly with colors in countless images, play Paint by Number right away.

What is Paint by Number?

You can call it a game; you can call it an app too. Paint by Number is a game because it entertains you a lot, but it also has too many perks, interactivity, and excitement to be considered a mere mobile app.

A brief description from me: Paint by Number is a pretty unique coloring game/app. Not only children but also adults can use it. Once they hit it, they will become addicted to it so quickly. Just download, and play it freely with no ads, completely offline. The adventure in the world of color begins is as easy as that.

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  • Paint by Number for Android

Is it difficult to color in Paint by Number?

The answer is no. It is a place where you can freely roam with color, lines, and images without any hesitation. Getting started with Paint by Number is very simple. You will choose a picture you like in the game’s built-in image library. Then we will proceed to color with the detailed palette on the side. The cells to be colored are numbered. In a picture, there can be many cells with the same number, that is, they need to be colored with the same color. It is up to you to choose which color to apply.

Coloring, whether on real paper or tablets and mobile phones, is still an easy job in nature. But to color for a beautiful creative picture, it depends on each person. What is important is not to be competitive with anyone but to reflect on your feelings during the game.

The work is finished when you turn the original black-and-white picture into a work of vivid color. There is a Before-After review mode for you to see your success firsthand.

After that, you can save the work on your device, in the game, or share it with friends on social networks.

The operation is simple, but the experience is boundless

The process of enjoying art in Paint by Number is just that. But I need to say first that the happiness and satisfaction it brings are not that simple. You will find yourself in love with these beautiful colors.

It is partly because the number of original paintings in Paint by Number is too many. There are many new paintings updated every day in all styles: abstract paintings, nature paintings, cartoon-style paintings, male characters, female characters, themes of family, love, animals, trees, and fruits. Anything you can think of can be found in Paint by Number’s library of thousands of images.

Honestly, sometimes just looking at the original photo makes your heart skip a beat because of the elegant and harmonious lines in it. The lack of all the colors will urge you to quickly start your work, to give the painting a completely different life and appearance, much more beautiful than what is appearing before your eyes. 

Each picture is a story, an emotion. After coloring, that feeling becomes even more interesting. Play this game, and you will let your mood drift on many different levels.

Choosing a color for the numbered block, then creating random color combinations will also push the excitement to a climax. You are free to do anything. Choose a deep color tone for a gentle picture of the night sky, choose a warm tone with the most vibrant colors for a picture of childhood memories. Color tones are visualized in your mind, then turned into reality. This process is an art that not many games can bring.

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