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Pagico 10.0 Build 20211016 (Trial)

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Track and manage your time better with this handy planner app that allows for plenty of personalization to fit your schedule: memos, alarms, task lists, and more

What's new in Pagico 10.0 Build 20211016:

Changes: Improved the sidebar widgets to allow easy data refresh when initial loading attempts fails Improved the listing of tasks in sidebar widgets Fixed an issue with the timeline renderings with task bars extending beyond the visible scope

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Managing your schedule can be quite an arduous task if you don’t know where to start and how to plan out your activities. Planner and calendar apps are of aid because they help you see the bigger picture, so using them might just boost your efficiency in managing time.

The market for planner apps is quite saturated. There’s something for everyone out there, and that’s a good thing because developers have to adapt to stay competitive. Pagico is an app that tries to do its best in that case: intuitive interface, smart task adder, plus cloud integration allowing for collaborative work.

Plan your plans

A scheduler app should be intuitive. There’s no point in using such an app if what it provides isn’t within arm’s reach — users should be able to add their tasks easily, see and plan out their schedule with ease, all the while not using a resource-intensive program.

Pagico’s features do mostly entail what was mentioned: adding tasks is a quick and no-fuss experience, and viewing them within the app exhibits the same ease-of-use principle. When adding a task, the app analyzes its name to identify a date or time to schedule — to exemplify, typing “tomorrow” will automatically adjust accordingly.

The graphs and scheduler shown on the “Dashboard” tab are easily reachable, and the interface is snazzy, but functional. There are different dashboards depending on the type of content viewed: the normal, graph-style dashboard, the simpler “Calendar” UI, and an “All Tasks” list. Each one of these essentially shows your schedule in different forms.

Small tasks that make up a big project

Grouping smaller tasks toward a larger goal is possible in Pagico. All you need to do is head into the “Projects" tab and create a new project. You can label said project, give it a description and timeframe, and the app will reserve a special calendar just for that, capable of housing multiple, smaller tasks.

There’s also cloud integration, which makes the “Teams” collaborative scheduler part of this program possible. The “Workspaces” functionality allows for shared projects where multiple people can contribute.

In conclusion, Pagico is an interesting app that tries to be functional while maintaining some form of minimalism. Whether it is better than the other planner apps on the market is tough to answer — it’s certainly competent, but the user has to ponder whether the asking price is worth the effort.    

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