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OutSystems Platform 11.12.5 Build 51077 (Demo)

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You can quickly develop, deploy and manage Web applications, plus business processes, through the flexible, agile means offered by this tool

What's new in OutSystems Platform 11.12.5 Build 51077:

It's now easier to select data for Table and List widgets. Click "Select Data" in the Source property dropdown to fetch and bind data from an entity in a single operation. (RIMPT-846)

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OutSystems Platform is a powerful, yet reliable application development environment, designed to help you build and manage your Web programs. The tool allows you to work in a modern environment and offers you pre-made templates to facilitate the app development.

App building made easy

OutSystems Platform is an agile desktop application that allows you to easily build applications both for PCs and mobile devices. A large segment of the development process is performed visually, by dragging and dropping elements on the board and previewing the results in real time.

The tool includes several debugging functions and allows you to assign alarms, notifications to events such as errors or exceptions. You may easily build the program’s interface, logic structure and load the required data, by opening the dedicated tabs. The right-side panel allows you to access these tabs, along with a Properties box and you can also enable the debugging console.

Application management and deployment

OutSystems Platform can also help you publish the applications and make them available for your customers to download or try. The program features an administration side, which allows you to view your app collection, as well as to monitor the development process.

The program requires that you connect to your personal environment, on the OutSystems domain and access your cloud account.

The program logs all errors, events, installed extensions or system health and displays the data into dedicated tables, that you can easily access. You may configure aspects such as the mailing server, users in your development team, roles and databases.

Comprehensive environment for app building

OutSystems Platform provides you with a visual, flexible and agile environment for developing Web applications. Not only can you build them from structure to GUI, but you may also update, optimize them and manage their deployment. The tool also allows you to monitor the development process, especially if it involves several members.

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