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origami 3.1.5 (Shareware)

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Allows you to create box shapes and other 3D shapes in Illustrator by drawing the cut lines and the fold angles in order to preview and export the model

What's new in origami 3.1.5:

The update adds Adobe Illustrator 2022 support, improves the folding engine and fixes some issues you reported. Folding Engine Changes: Some dieline issues are now considered minor and the dieline editor will not pop up if there is no major errors detected. If you have a perfect dieline that is not folded well, please let us know.

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origami is an Adobe Illustrator plugin designed to create 3D origami shapes without exporting your projects or using third-party tools. You can use this plugin when you need to create a folded layout for your projects.

In order to get this addon working, you have to make sure that Adobe Illustrator is installed on your PC. It can be launched from a desktop shortcut. The plugin is wrapped in a simple interface that allows you to set the cut lines and the angles in order to quickly view the 3D preview of your layout.

The 3D model can be saved to a project and later opened to pick up where you left off. Furthermore, you can copy the image or save it to file, save the layout, as well as give new dimensions to the shape.

As far as additional settings are concerned, it's possible to tinker with options related to the artwork resolution (such as antialiasing), production rendering (high resolution artwork, antialiasing), 3D PDF export settings (tile large textures, texture format, lighting mode) and system settings (network port number, updates checkup at startup).

Keyboard shortcuts are supported. Moreover, you can refresh the design, use the whole artboard, install and uninstall additional Illustrator extensions without leaving origami's interface, and change the paper thickness.

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