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OpenRPA 1.2.76 (MPL)

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Discover an open-source suite of tools for robotic process automation, with dedicated browser extensions, that aims at performing recurring business processes by itself

OpenRPA is a scalable and ultra-flexible application that allows automating mundane processes from your day-to-day business activities.

Robotic Process Automation and a summary of this technology actually works

OpenRPA is a tool designed to provide users with an integrated solution for automating different types of processes. The RPA from the app's name stands for Robotic Process Automation. This is a solution that aims at mimicking the exact steps taken by an end-user or a machine that runs an action automatically.

After recording these steps and mapping the processes, theoretically, you could integrate, via specially designed robots (OpenRPA's technology), the data you gathered and mapped into complex networks established across different recipients, such as client servers, databases, web applications, and many others.

Some traits of this application and the browser extensions

Firstly, OpenRPA is an open-source project for Windows platforms. The tool can be connected with the most well-known browsers — Firefox, Chrome, and Edge (for the latter, using the Chrome extension details).

Secondly, when playing with the tool and testing it, you should see the multi-option top panel that also includes the dedicated browser commands. This means that, basically, by installing any of the specially dedicated browser extensions, you allow the desktop client to interact and track information in that browser (e.g. record the screen and track a sequence of actions/steps you take inside the browser, and map different areas/buttons you press to the activities you perform).

You can play with some sample workflows that are predefined in the platforms, customize and change the parameters, and finally, run your sequences. Every existing setup can be fully changed with code. After playing with the test sample, you can start your own projects, define their properties, drag activities to the main panel, connect individual instances of actions/reactions, organize your workflow and edit some parameters/ values, nest sequences, create unique variables and put them to work, and so much more.


Bottom line, OpenRPA is a powerful and extremely sophisticated application and service. Not only does it offer rich and super-detailed documentation, but it also explains in detail the technology the service is using, shows example workflows, and it allows integrating and creating workflow sequences in both your favorite browser and in your PC's environment.

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