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One Way: The Elevator

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Updated on January 10, 2022

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One Way: The Elevator
FREE $1.99
Android 6.0

One Way: The Elevator APK, is a creative point-and-click game developed by CottonGame, you have to watch and think carefully, in order to solve various puzzles in the game.

Introduce about One Way: The Elevator

A touching little story!

Actually, One Way: The Elevator is a puzzle adventure game. You will need to find a blue sphere in each scene to power an elevator to travel upward. But leaving the difficult puzzle aside, the first thing I want to come to is the touching story behind this beautiful game.

The story touches all hearts

Maybe you don’t have to suffer like the character in the story, but somewhere, in childhood, everyone has moments of loneliness, distance, and feeling like they are separated from everything around. The story in One Way: The Elevator is about a poor boy. After a car accident, he was lucky to be alive, but his parents died. The lost child now has to rely on someone who does not give him any love other than the daily scolding. On a cloudy day, it was pouring rain, the boy was very sad, lonely after a scene of scolding, just wanted to get out of that place as quickly as possible.

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He went up to the attic, huddled in the corner. Then suddenly a flash of light appeared, and a strange sound led him up a small ladder. Following it, he opened the lid to a strange tunnel. Above was not the bleak world he used to know anymore. Everything around is noisy, beautiful, dynamic, and full of energy. An old man appeared. Tell the boy about a strange elevator that can take him to the distant clouds, and maybe there, he can see his parents.

Just hearing that, the boy was determined to get on that elevator. But according to the old man, he will meet a lot of trouble along the way. And he only had to solve all that confusion to get the green balls, which were the energy to operate the elevator going up.


At the beginning of the game, you have had some light interactions with the character, but nothing related to the puzzle. Things only really started when the elevator ran up. At each stop the elevator stops, you will meet a new character, along with the small trouble brought by that person/animal, preventing you from finding the energy ball for the elevator. But actually, these annoying events all have a cause. Most of these characters appear with a grumpy look, sometimes even aggressive with the boy. But hidden behind that is a separate problem. They become like that because they haven’t released their feelings. As long as you, in the role of a boy, help them find a way to resolve their thoughts, aspirations, or things that have not been done in the past, they will be very willing to leave to reveal your energy ball.

One Way The Elevator for Android 1440x810

These characters are quite interesting, with a lot of genres. Sometimes it’s an adult, a child, an old man, sometimes a giant octopus, a man-eating flower, a robot, or a huge elephant that dominates the screen. All of them had the same pattern of giving trouble to such a boy. Patiently listening to your heart is also the fastest way for you to find the solution for each step of the adventure.

While playing outside the main stage, there are many hidden windows (which are secret rooms) for players to explore more. Every scene in there is a memorable experience and helps him to reach the destination faster.

Graphics and sound

Because of the poetic and simple plot, from the character creation to the hand-drawn strokes, the way to choose the main color tone for the story and the gameplay of One Way: The Elevator is also very gentle. If the first space is only gray, white, and black, then when the boy opened the tunnel door, the surrounding space will be filled with color.

The roads that the boy passed, in the elevator, were also colorful. The elements encountered on the road each have their own figure and story. Sometimes just listening to their stories makes you feel relaxed. Always, during that passage, everything seems to be happy, seems to love life, but it’s still sad somewhere and hidden. It’s also the life story life that the game wants to send.

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Powering the performance of that artistic image and color, One Way: The Elevator also gives players an equally profound sound system. It’s not a grandiose sound to show off your gaming prowess, nor is it a romantic piece of music. It’s just that the sounds are connected, there are seamless ones, there are also broken ones. But they are all in the right place and touch people’s hearts.

Download One Way: The Elevator APK free for Android

In short, One Way: The Elevator is a very meaningful game, with many good messages hidden. Are you ready for an adventure in your mind? Let download this game now and enjoy the colors of life.

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