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OMEN Gaming Hub 1101.2110.7.0 (Freeware)

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Adjust your HP OMEN products with the use of this tool and enjoy them to the maximum, without having to invest anything but your precious time

Gaming merchandise, especially laptops and computers, nowadays has specialized software depending on the brand that is behind all that firepower. Acer's got Predator, just like Asus has TUF and HP, OMEN. In this article, we'll be talking about the OMEN brand, and the subsequent tuning and adjusting application, otherwise known as OMEN Gaming Hub, released for use with HP-branded software. This application is more like a control and test HUB for your OMEN products, be these desktops or laptops.

Performance is key

Now, if you've purchased an OMEN laptop or similar product, you probably did so with the idea of maximizing your in-game potential. This is the very idea the accompanying app seems to hold as well. The number of options you get depends on what products you're using. From things that have to do with the looks of your products like keyboard illumination to raw performance increase and cooling presets, you don't have to look anywhere else to actually fine-tune your device for more performance or simply to look stunning.

Other less expected features

One of the more interesting features you could deal with is the game streaming capabilities which basically act as an interface between your gaming PC and a phone, tablet, or any other device with a screen connected to the internet. Benchmark your internet connection so you know exactly if you can rely on it for precision gaming. There's no doubt that this is an application designed with control freaks in mind. All gaming aspects are neatly and thoroughly covered by the app in a way that there's not much chance you'll be actually using other software for tweaking your HP gaming rig.

OMEN Gaming Hub is an application that offers gamers the necessary simple and effective solution to taking control of every aspect regarding HP OMEN branded products, especially gaming PCs. The number of options is enough to convince any skeptic about the dedication HP has given to its gaming brand and all of its related products.

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