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OH~! My Office

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November 4, 2021 (3 mins ago)
OH~! My Office
Twitchy Finger Ltd.
Unlimited Money
Android 5.0

OH~! My Office MOD APK is a simulation game with a strange storyline. In the game, you have the opportunity to go back in time to correct mistakes in management to save the company from the brink of bankruptcy.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about OH~! My Office
    1. Plot
    2. Typical simulation-combined gacha game
    3. Multiple stages for each major milestone in the story
    4. What exactly are we going to do in this fun simulation game?
  2. MOD APK version of OH~! My Office
    1. MOD feature
    2. Note
  3. Download OH~! My Office APK & MOD for Android

Introduce about OH~! My Office

Go back to the past to save the company!


OH~! My Office is about a man (you) who is the son of a big boss. You inherited the entire company that your father worked hard to build since his youth many decades ago. But due to a lack of experience and shortcomings in employee management and product management, the company is now on the brink of dissolution.

Today is the last working day. You have to say goodbye to your loyal (but sluggish) employees. Someone has worked for the company since your father was alive. But everything is over, there will only be memories. You don’t know where the mistake came from, why your company met this sad bankruptcy. The last working day has ended, everyone has left, only you and your long-time secretary Elsa stay to look at the office a little more.

But God loves you. Suddenly, a mysterious girl calling herself Kana appears. Kana offers a strange offer: you can be transported back in time when the new company was founded to find out how to change the reality of corporate bankruptcy. You agree as you want to meet your father in the past to find out about this strange incident. But you suddenly realize he is missing. And you are forced to run the company on behalf of your father while waiting for him.

At the end of the story, will you be able to revive the company, find your father and understand Kana’s mysterious identity? It all depends on your talent and ingenuity.

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Now you guys understand why OH~! My Office is so outstanding among a sea of ​​mobile simulation games, don’t you? The plot is deep, the approach is strange. It brings you so much excitement and curiosity about what happened with the company as well as its founder. Moreover, the element of space travel and a little bit of the law of cause and effect helps OH~! My Office amazes simulation game fans.

Typical simulation-combined gacha game

The addition of space travel and a fantasy element does not make OH~! My Office become heavy. Its core is still a super cute office management gacha game with lovely fun images, pastel colors typical of the gacha game. The difference is that your mission seems in-depth and there are more things to explore in this office world than just spins of chance.

Your task is to manage a group of sluggish employees. How to revive the spirit of the whole team, boost productivity, work effectively and creatively in the fastest time possible, and achieve every goal? You must answer it! In the end, the company must become a successful business in the market and of course, not fail like the present.

Along the way, you are also given a lot of strange but very effective tools for increasing employee productivity, helping to change the outcome of the company. Players can accumulate these tools through gacha spins. And Luck is brought into the game naturally. The gacha element is not central or the “blood-sucking” mechanism like many other games. This is also my favorite part about OH~! My Office.

Multiple stages for each major milestone in the story

Although known as a mobile simulation game with a simple appearance, OH~! My Office has up to 90 levels and its plot is extremely deep and dramatic. The levels are divided into several stages, each stage is a day. Every day you have to face a lot of challenges in the management of the employees to reach the target of the day.

Quickly, you discover one of the reasons that in the future, the company goes bankrupt right after you inherit it. It is because the employees in the company are too lazy and do not focus. So, it is very difficult to push them to get the job done.

One of the “weapons” that you most often use is touching their tables. Like knocking on the table to make a noise. Whoever is distracted, you knock on his desk and tell him to focus. Sometimes, some employees do their own work all the time, you have to pay special attention and constantly knock on their table many times to bring them back to work.

What exactly are we going to do in this fun simulation game?

The first task is dealing with people. The key to the company’s success depends on the quality of its employees. So, the most important thing throughout the game is to remind and put employees into work, especially lazy ones. You can touch the table to call for attention, you have in hand the Productivity Hammer to raise the alarm. All to put everything in order and achieve productivity every day from the smallest targets.

The second important task to ensure the sustainable development of the company is dealing with investments. You are the one who has the right to decide everything with your existing profits: Equip new equipment, modern machinery, buy more pets, decorate the office interior… and many other interesting things for you to upgrade. The key to this quest is Spending money smartly. Note that the profits are always limited. So, your job is to invest in the right place at the right time. Eliminate all unnecessary needs when the company has difficulties. Let’s do what you want when the company is prosperous.

Speaking of employees, another big task you need to do is to recruit good employees. The game allows players to freely choose from 80 available employees to get the best group of employees for themselves. Amazingly, each of these employees has its own appearance, talent, and personality. These 80 people are divided into 10 different character groups and have up to 6 interesting abilities. Making the most appropriate choices in terms of personnel will help you relieve the burden on human resources.

There are also some fun small tasks along the way to help players constantly “change the wind”, such as designing, customizing, and arranging objects in the office, choosing clothes to go to work every day to look like a reliable boss, keeping a pet to connect the spirit of work for employees. Each time you buy an additional item for the office, the employee’s performance index increases a bit.

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