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Object Hunt Mod APK 1.2.0 (Unlimited Money)

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Phil Castillo - 02/11/2021

Download Object Hunt Mod Apk Latest Version Free for Android. This is the ultimate Hide ‘n’ Seek game for mobile users. It is an interesting game, and it is easy to play.

As kids, one of the games we played with our friends was hide ‘n’ seek. Growing up, we used this game to have fun and drive away boredom. Nobody wants to get caught, and as such, we always try to hide it in places that cannot be reached easily.

Kids innocently play this game without knowing that they’d outgrow it eventually. This happens unexpectedly because we eventually get busy with other things in life. However, there are times when we wished to go back in time to experience the fun once again. This is not always possible for different reasons.


Do you want to experience the fun that comes with playing hide ‘n’ seek? You can now do this on your mobile device, and all you need is to install Object Hunt. This is a casual game for mobile devices, and you’d like the simple but interesting gameplay it offers.

Object Hunt is offered by Kwalee Ltd and made available on Google Play Store. You can install this game on any Android device because it won’t take much space. Object Hunt has currently been installed by over 500 thousand people as seen on Google Play Store. What’s certain is that more people will install it, and you can be among them.

Download Object Hunt to enjoy all the features it offers.


Object Hunt is for you if you want to have an ultimate hide ‘n’ seek gaming experience. You don’t have to go back in time before you can experience the fun it delivers. This game brings hide ‘n’ seek on your mobile device. Can you show your skills and ability to stay unseen? Download Object Hunt to find out.

The game is simple, with easy gameplay. You’d give given simple objectives to complete. In the beginning, a player is made the hunter, while the remaining players will hide. One unique thing about the game is that there is a little twist to what you already know. In Object Hun, you won’t stay as you are.

You can become anything to disguise yourself from the hunter. Can you find a perfect hiding spot to avoid getting caught? When you play as a seeker, your duty will be to find everyone. What you should note is that they’d also be hiding as props. Therefore, you must identify these props to win.


Here are some of the cool features you’d enjoy when you play this game:

  • Seek out props
  • Become the hunter
  • Unlock every skin in the game
  • Use new props

There’s so much more for you to enjoy, and you can only do this when you download the game. Download Object Hunt on your mobile device now to enjoy these features and more.

Object Hunt Mod Apk Free Download

Your gaming experience will always be better when you play the mod apk of a game. Object Hunt has a mod apk, and you can try it out to get the best gaming experience. Object Hunt Mod Apk is free to download, and you can install it on an Android device. Download Object Hunt Mod Apk on your phone.


Download the latest version of Object Hunt on your mobile device.

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