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NuGet Package Explorer / Store App (MIT License)

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Create and explore NuGet packages with this comprehensive and flexible application that allows developers to edit metadata information

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Bugs: Fix issues around PE and PDB association Enhancements: Add net6.0 framework folders, show DotNetFrameworkName in dependencie…

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Software engineers employ a wide variety of containers for their applications, as these ensure programs are adequately installed and users can benefit from them. NuGet is one of the more common package managers used by developers and NuGet Package Explorer allows one to create just such archives.

Tailor metadata to the needs of the project

The suite is not only able to create new NUPKG documents, but can also load existing files. This makes it a good tool both for creating the final packages, but also for checking for errors. The application is surprisingly easy to employ, as one can simply define metadata information, add files or folders, and generate a working output package.

All the important metadata information is editable, such as the program's version, author, description, and summary; one can even add release notes and application dependencies, if applicable. As for the latter part, the installer can include existing files or folders and developers can insert new dedicated directories, such as builds and libraries.

Add existing files or generate new ones with the built-in editor

What's more, users can build new components on-the-spot to be included in the package, with the built-in editor. This module comes with syntax support for various languages, including C#, Java, PowerShell, PHP, and HTML.

A package analyzer can be employed to check for errors and, if satisfied with the current setup, developers can save the package to a fully working NUPKG format.

An overall asset for software engineers in search of a good NuGet editor and generator

Summing up, NuGet Package Explorer is a good tool for anyone involved with developing applications and in need of adequate deployment mechanisms. The package can include existing files and folders and one can even build new on-the-spot plain or scripted documents.

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