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NovaTV Mod APK 1.5.6b (no ads)

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Phil Castillo - 19/11/2021

Download NovaTV APK – Latest version – Free for Android if you want to watch free movies and TV shows without paying for anything! Stream without limits now!

Movies and tv shows are everywhere these days. Back then, we used to watch these solely on television and DVDs. When people want to watch movies and tv shows, they’ll either need to have a cable subscription or buy the DVDs of it. However, as time goes by, this is no longer the case. Today, we’ve advanced so much that televisions and DVDs are slowly becoming obsolete.

What is NovaTV?

Thanks to the existence of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar Mod APK – cable subscriptions are becoming obsolete. This is because streaming platforms offer what they call an “on-demand’ service. This allows users to watch any movie or show they want anytime and anywhere! They just need to pay for a monthly subscription for these services. However, if you don’t want to pay anything for these, you can just use NovaTV! This revolutionary app allows you to watch movies and shows as you would in any other paid streaming app. Read on to learn more!


Watching movies and tv shows remain one of the most popular pastimes for many people worldwide. This is because TV can be cheaper than consoles and other forms of entertainment. And because people have always wanted to be entertained, watching movies is one of the easiest ways to spend our relaxation time.

This is why cable subscription became popular back then. The cable companies offered tons of channels for a monthly subscription fee. This was a great deal back then as folks don’t have to go to the theaters every now and then just to watch. But as technology rapidly advanced, we found out that cable subscriptions are no longer practical. For one, we waste money on a lot of channels that remain unwatched. Secondly, we’ve become busier nowadays so waiting for each channel’s air times won’t help. It became a huge burden to watch tv since we can’t pick the movies and shows they air.

This is why streaming services came to existence. Their arrival meant that people can watch movies and shows on demand. No longer will their money and time be wasted thanks to these platforms. The only problem is that they cost a monthly subscription as well. But for the most part, this is cheaper and more convenient compared to cable subscriptions. But if you don’t want to pay anything, you should consider NovaTV! This free streaming app allows you to watch thousands of titles for free! Whatever feature you get in the paid streaming apps, this app provides it for free.


But you can’t directly watch the movies and shows in this app, this is only a web crawler app. This means that it gives out all the relevant links to the movies and shows you want to watch. So that you don’t have to search for eternity just to find these in the vastness of the internet. Read on to learn more!

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Features of NovaTV

NovaTV is an exceptional free streaming app that allows you to watch thousands of titles right at your fingertips. You’ll no longer have to pay for a streaming app ever again thanks to this one. Here are its features:

Thousands of titles – Nowadays, there are literally so many movies and shows worldwide that you can’t watch them all in one lifetime! There are so many classics and even modern ones nowadays. Because of this, there are tons of new movies and shows for everyone worldwide. But the problem with cable subscriptions is that they don’t show the modern ones right away. If you’re an avid movie watcher, then this becomes a problem! Don’t worry as NovaTV is here to save the day. This streaming app features thousands of movies and tv shows available for you at the tap of a button! You no longer have to wait for months or years just to watch your favorite movies and shows for free. In here, as soon as the movie is available in DVD, it’s already in here.


High Quality – One of the perks of having a streaming app is that you can watch anything in high quality compared to televisions. But the only problem is that they come with a monthly subscription fee! If you don’t want to pay for that, you can use NovaTV! This allows you to watch movies and shows on up to 4k resolution! Or you can choose the resolution of the movie you’re going to watch to save on mobile data. The app gives you maximum control over this!

User Friendly Interface – One of the reasons why streaming services such as Netflix are expensive is because of its design. The developers have created a seamless app experience for everyone. But in NovaTV, the user-friendly designs of these paid apps are replicated! This app feels like a premium one without a price at all. You can easily navigate through countless movies and shows, see the details and more!

Categories – This app also boasts tons of categories for you to enjoy. There are categories such as action, romance, comedy, horror, documentary, sports, news, thriller and more! The app ensures that every movie and show in here goes into a certain category for easy browsing.


In-house Media Player – In this app, you can also play the links directly thanks to the in-app media player! Or if you want to use a third-party one, this app supports video players such as MX Player and VLC!

No Registration – If you value your privacy but you still don’t want to pay for Netflix, then NovaTV is for you! In here, you don’t need to give away your email or anything sensitive! Just download the app and you can use it immediately.

Download – The app also lets you download movies and shows for offline consumption! This feature lets you save on mobile data and time. Now you can watch anything you want wherever you are.

Request Media – In this app, you can also request any movie or show that isn’t on the app yet! This way, the developers know what to put in here.

Chromecast Support – This app also allows Chromecast! Now you can watch your favorite movies and shows on the big screen! Don’t ever settle for the small screen ever again.


Free – Best of all, this app is completely free! There are no monthly subscription fees, no hidden fees or anything!

NovaTV Mod APK – No ads

NovaTV is a revolutionary streaming app that lets you watch your favorite movies and shows for free! Download the latest version now.

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