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Non-Profit Donor Statements 4.18 (Demo)

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Create thank-you statements to people who donated to your charity or other non-profit organization using donor information from QuickBooks

What's new in Non-Profit Donor Statements 4.18:

Add support for QuickBooks 2022 and Enterprise 22.0.

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If you own a charity or other non-profit organization and are looking for software solutions to make it as professional as possible, you can use Non-Profit Donor Statements to seamlessly create thank-you statements to send to the people who donated, based on information extracted from your QuickBooks account.

It's a tool that gets integrated as an Excel addin. During setup, you can select the version of Microsoft Excel you have installed, ranging from 2016/365 back to 2000.

Create thank-you statements for donors using QuickBooks data

After installation, you can open an Excel spreadsheet and access the new addin from "Donor Statements", a new tab created next to "Add-ins". It has options for creating giving statements and mail-merge tables, in addition to import and export options.

Firstly, you can acquire data from your QuickBooks account and set filters to extract only details from a specific date range. You canalso include General Journal transactions and unpaid invoices used to track pledges, whose purpose is to remind donors of their remaining commitments to your charity.

Get QuickBooks data about invoices, payments, and others

Information about invoices, payments, sale receipts, deposits, statements charges and credit memos are automatically pulled from QuickBooks. Meanwhile, optional data fields can be fetched by Non-Profit Donor Statements if you want to, such as shipping address fields (like street, city and state), shipping address block fields, and values from custom name fields.

Secondly, once QuickBooks data is extracted, you can pick the accounts and items to use for tax deductible donations, donors to create statements for, table style and options, along with the logo and signature. The addresses can be neatly aligned in the document for windows envelopes.

Write the thank you note, pick a logo and signature

Furthermore, it's possible to edit the layout adjustment and alignment text, customize fonts, as well as to apply filters to the donated amounts, date of activity, and others. All options can be reviewed before creating and sending the statements.

All aspects considered, Non-Profit Donor Statements comes packed with rich and intuitive options for helping charity organizations create thank-you statements for donors. It worked smoothly throughout our evaluation.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSIONCan only create 15 statements at a time SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSMicrosoft Excel QuickBooks

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