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Nobodies: After Death

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Updated on December 31, 2021 (13 mins ago)

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Nobodies: After Death
Unlimited Money
Android 4.4

If you think you know all of the weirdest ideas in the gaming world, play Nobodies: After Death MOD APK to see how wrong you are. This unique murder simulation and puzzle game will make you shiver because of its thorny level.

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Introduce about Nobodies: After Death

Find the talent for disposing of evidence of murder!

A strange idea sounds scary

Not everyone likes to play normal gentle games. And also, people do not always come to tactical battle action games. As colorful as the real world is, the world of the games is equally diverse. Heroes, villains, criminals, civilians can all become the main characters in the game. Even a character with a very inhuman profession: an expert in disposing of evidence.

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Nobodies: After Death revolves around the story of a person who specializes in cleaning up the ruins of bloody murders. As an expert in the field, trusted by the secret organization, you are always called first when a murder occurs. Wherever there are agents of the murder organization, there are you. And the task, of course, is to wipe it all off so that the police and forensics can’t detect even a single hair, a sliver of blood, a fingerprint, or a tiny speck of dust.

Meticulousness and tactical mind are the weapons of the player

If you’ve seen crime movies that have sophisticated murders, you’ll probably agree with me that: the perpetrators who overcame all the police, forensics, prosecutors… all have things in common: incredibly intelligent, sophisticated, and meticulous. Here, you also must have those qualities to start the game. You don’t have to rush to make a mess every time you see a crime. You must carefully examine the scene, put yourself in the shoes of the victim, the murderer, and the police investigator to check all the nooks and crannies of the crime scene. Every action must be meticulously planned.

The main experience that Nobodies: After Death brings is a simulation, thereby bringing difficult situations, forcing you to make choices. The ultimate goal is to complete the assigned job: clean up everything, dispose of all evidence and traces that may lead to revealing the identity of the murderer and you, the cleaner. 

Concealing a crime is not an easy job

Nobodies: After Death doesn’t stop there. Here you go to gruesome murder scenes. And no matter how careful you are, you will miss an important clue. So, the next step of the game is you have to fabricate an alibi for the perpetrator. As a last resort, if the matter is slowly discovered, your employer is ready to comfortably get freedom because of the solid alibi.

Nobodies After Death for Android 1440x810

Your presence in this secret organization is like a shield. The murders committed by its members are guaranteed to be absolutely safe without any gaps. And in some situations, if someone in the organization betrays the team, the superiors will not hesitate to assign you the task of killing them.

Many situations happen in the game. You are always put in a rather passive position and sometimes do not know how to choose the right one. But whatever you do, you should always remember your main duties and expert role. Then you will know what to do.


In terms of operation, Nobodies: After Death is almost simple: point and click. Not the point-and-click style for kids, of course. The game is quite heavy, with many bloody and violent images. Simulated circumstances are also unpredictable. It is recommended not to let children play.

During the game, you will rely on the image of the scene in front of you, the events, surrounding objects, and urgent situations. From there, use your strategic mind and thorough thinking to clean up everything one by one, from large to small, from visible evidence to evidence hidden somewhere around, from specific items (such as weapons) to details that may indirectly incriminate the perpetrator (like a tire track, or a shoe mark on the floor).

Nobodies After Death on APKMODY 1440x810

Interestingly, for each situation that occurs, you have many ways to deal with it. The next time you play again, you can try a new way to find a different answer to the quest. Nobodies: After Death brings more than 100 murder cases. All are completely hand-drawn, bringing players into the rich world of crime scenes, where you are free to touch, interact and change any item in the picture.

Graphics and sound

In my opinion, they are quite simple. The image is only a few things, mainly zooming into the scene of the bloody murder scene. The sound also has only some simple effects when you interact with objects around. What’s important is the excitement that overflows when you participate in the process of hiding the crime. Doing evil has never been so thrilling, which is the feeling I want to talk about in this game.

Continue your work in Nobodies: Murder Cleaner.

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