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December 22, 2021 (3 mins ago)
Ellada Games
FREE $4.99
Android 8.0

Niffelheim from Ellada Games is considered one of the best Viking games available on mobile today. The originality of the warlike people and the harsh survival mode and exquisite crafting shown in Niffelheim will make you no longer realize where the boundaries of mobile games and PC games are.

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Introduce about Niffelheim

Once a warrior, forever a warrior!


Niffelheim follows the adventures of a brave Viking warrior. In a fierce battle, he fell. And the soul was trapped in the harsh world of Niffelheim. So, unable to escape the fate of a warrior, he once again had to fight many enemies in this chaotic world to prove his worth to the gods. Travel through the neighboring lands, discover many dangerous dungeons and the final destination is to find the way to the Valhalla region, the abode of the gods in legend. The whole game is an extreme survival adventure and intense battles in overcast environments.

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About the gameplay of Niffelheim, I will divide it into 3 parts. Part 1 is about Survival System, part 2 is about Combat, and part 3 is about Crafting.

First, about survival in this game

Niffelheim has built a very good image of a mighty Viking warrior. Born a warrior, one life, and the next life is still a warrior. Even after death, our characters still have to live on their own and work hard to reach the promised land. Partly to prove himself to the gods, partly because he wanted to discover things for himself and find his way to the promised land in his own way.

To reach the promised land, the Viking warrior had to wander for a long time everywhere in the land in the middle of the sky. Here covered in darkness and the cold, and death can come at any moment. This is the time when you will have to show your survival strength and overcome all the harsh weather and surrounding circumstances. That power is obtained by gathering all the necessary materials for eating, drinking, keeping the body warm, moving easily, and making self-defense weapons.

The fighting started pretty sluggishly, but it gets harder later

The land where you pass through is full of evil ghosts. But just one minute of falling, you can get a little closer to the gates of hell. You only have to overcome, crush and defeat all these evil spirits. Using everything you have in hand, from bones, teeth, feathers, anything left over from previous meals can become a self-defense weapon or a safe armor.

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Initially in the first few minutes, after making sure of the supply, the enemies started coming one by one. The force isn’t so different so you can easily defeat them with any weapon.

But later, the deformed cinnamon ghosts came faster and faster, and they don’t go alone but in groups. Now you can’t stand there fight them one by one. You have to start crafting an epic fortress yourself. This will be both a shelter and a place of defense, where all your power equipment is hidden. Having the fortress, you will feel much more secure.

A tip for you when playing is not to despise the enemy. Instead of looking at them smugly while they’re still sparse, take your time building a fortress. Don’t let when the enemy gets stronger and go by group then you realize that it’s too late to build a haven.

The way to the promised land has to go through the gates of hell. To get to the gates of hell, you must collect the directions pieces. But unfortunately, these fragments are protected by the most terrible monsters the world has ever seen. They’re either insanely powerful giants, unprecedented zombie hordes, or huge spiders with deadly venom. You will have to overcome all of them to go to the promised land.

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Moreover, the gods in the promised land will sometimes send some ultimatums to you. And It’s often a kind of command and task that you have to do. The way to the promised land will never be easy and it requires a lot of effort and try of player. But if you’re still determined and persist, the result you get will very worthy.

The crafting part is very interesting, it’s rare for any Viking game can do it well

On the way, you have to do everything by yourself. Food, drink, and ingredients are found everywhere. When you have the materials at hand, you have to craft them manually to make food. Cook delicious and nutritious food to quickly regain strength, make poison to kill giant monsters in an instant. Create unique weapons for yourself from simple to more complex levels such as sharp horns, big bones used as knives, props, and then create a sharp sword to attack the enemy.

You can also make use of everything around such as fur or animal skin, to make unique armor sets, both keep warming and keep you safe in battles.

Download Niffelheim APK free for Android

Niffelheim has a unique survival and crafting system. In the fighting part, the first few scenes are a bit boring because of the slow speed. But the latter is livelier and the tempo is more engaging. What you have to do when playing Niffelheim is to patiently take the time to discover and strengthen yourself gradually. As you improve your combat ability, the game’s developments gradually become more complicated, taking you to the most unexpected battles.

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