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Nextgen: Truck Simulator

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December 14, 2021 (4 mins ago)
Nextgen: Truck Simulator
Tassimov Games
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Android 5.0

Nextgen: Truck Simulator MOD APK is a driving simulation game especially for experienced drivers. Are you confident enough in your steering wheel?

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Introduce about Nextgen: Truck Simulator

The driving simulation game is for drivers who are not being scared of the difficult challenges!

Driving simulation game always has a strange attraction

Driving vehicles has always been a typical simulation game genre. No matter how many games there are, how many vehicle types, and how many car types are duplicated, these simulation games always have a large number of players for themselves. You can do a lot of things you can’t do in real life, with just one of these driving simulation games. This is the first attraction. The second reason for the love of players is in the car control mechanism, most of which are very simple on the touch-select button simulator on the screen, which is very suitable for driving. As for the last factor, it must be mentioned that the ability to customize many different cars with colors, outside stickers to internal machinery parts to change the strength index.

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Having said that, there is a lot of attractions from the driving simulation game. And Nextgen: Truck Simulator has got all these attractions.

Game for professionals

Unlike many other driving games, which are usually intended for first-timers, Nextgen: Truck Simulator is aimed directly at experienced drivers who are not afraid of difficult challenges. They always desire harder challenges to take their driving skills to the next level.

That is reflected in whether you can overcome the challenges of all elements that the game offers or not. But the play scene has a time limit, a limit on the number of crashes on the road. Or maybe it’s unusual tasks such as carrying a large bulky item or overcoming obstacles on a difficult road. Each level brings a new experience, a new difficulty that if overcome, you will find yourself making incredible progress.

And not only driving on beautiful 3D roads, completing assigned tasks, in the long run, you also take on the role of Business Operations Manager of your own car company. At this time, in addition, to directly driving good cars to increase income for the car company, you are also responsible for exploiting, selling resources, and making decisions about whether to receive the shipment and take which items. And a tip for you when playing is that you should choose to ship items of high value to get more big bonuses.

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But not because it is for skilled people that Nextgen: Truck Simulator makes it difficult for players from the beginning. In fact, with a little bit of tension and risk, you can drive at any time regardless of having experience or not. Because the tasks in the game are included in each level from easy to difficult. You can “warm up” with the daily tasks of any driver such as delivering goods from various places in the city. Then increase to the later, more difficult levels, and it will begin to appear bolder challenges as I mentioned above.

But first, to get started, you’ll need to master vehicle control, how to accelerate, park, and memorize all the important traffic signs to stay in compliance with the law on the road.

Controlling the vehicle in Nextgen: Truck Simulator is quite simple. The screen will display all necessary buttons such as steering wheel, accelerator, handbrake, light system, navigation buttons. Just focus on driving for about 5 minutes, you can get used to your hands and be ready to do the official mission.

The car collection

My first impression while playing Nextgen: Truck Simulator in the first scenes is that there are a lot of cars, and it seems strong for classic cars. Of course, the game has other difficult cars from trucks, military vehicles, off-road vehicles, SUVs… Each type has its own features. Depending on the assigned task, you will go to your garage to choose the right car, aiming to help you perform well, quickly, accurately, and with the least risk.

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Each car, once in your hands, has a lot of details to be fine-tuned. You can customize vehicle colors, stickers on different positions, and upgrade some parts related to machines to accelerate the car. The later you have more money, the more customization options you will have for your car. Or even you can buy a new car if you have enough money.

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