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Nexomon: Extinction

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Nexomon: Extinction
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Android 8.0

If you love the gameplay of Pokemon but want to admire a completely different world with beautiful space and unique monsters, only Nexomon: Extinction MOD APK can help you guys. 

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Introduce about Nexomon: Extinction

Tame monsters, fight and destroy Tyrants to save the world!

Similar to Pokemon, but great in a different way 

Nexomon: Extinction is improved from the original game Nexomon, which is considered a strange version of Pokemon. There is similar gameplay: also collect and train an army of powerful monsters. But the world of fantasy which is vast and has too many features with countless species of unique monsters will keep you immersed day after day.

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The Pokemon game series has Pokemon species. As for Nexomon: Extinction, there are monsters called Nexomon. By playing the game, you will have the opportunity to meet and collect more than 380 different Nexomon species. Each one has its appearance, size, color, personality, and special moves. Your job is to learn them, tame them and train them to understand each one’s personality and abilities. Finally, become a powerful Nexomon master. 


At some point in human history, the whole world is engulfed in a sea of ​​natural disasters. Behind the approaching doom is the plot of the Tyrant Nexomon. He wants to destroy the world order and turn everything upside down to dominate both humanity and the Nexomon species. Not letting that conspiracy come true, you and the tamer group will gather, vowing to save the world. The journey to find strength and conquer the Nexomon group of monsters begins. With your mind, talent, and intelligence, you will gradually build an extremely strong Nexomon army, even stronger than before being tamed thanks to the process of training and thoroughly exploiting their skills. In front of the heroic friends and the army of invincible monsters all together, the evils will be defeated one day not far away.


As said, the monsters are called Nexomon. They are divided into 9 types of elements. Each element has its own combat and defense characteristics. Just like when playing Pokemon, you should spend about 15-20 minutes learning these elements according to specific instructions in the game. Each monster has its own strengths and weaknesses. Combined with the elements to which the monsters belong, you will realize the true strengths of the monsters and improve the weak points before it becomes your critical point on the battlefield.

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First, you choose a character to incarnate who will later become a true Tamer. But rest assured, no matter who you choose, as these kids are all from the Orphanage, they have brave hearts and great passion. Then when you encounter the first monster, you will begin to open up the exciting experience.

Taming is based on the percentage success rate of each species. You can use your capture skill or use the Nexotrap gear to attack the monster, causing it to lose blood. Or more gently, you can get close to a Nexomon to entice them with food and even talking. How to attract animals? The general rule of Nexomon: Extinction is that once they have been tamed to the team, they have all the inherent abilities of the species by default.

Once you have an army of fierce beasts, you go to battle. The form of battle in Nexomon: Extinction is turn-based, each tamer can bring up to 6 monsters for a battle. Battles take place in many different places on Earth, such as the icy polar regions or the hot, deadly desert. Each place, with its terrain and climate, will suit certain beasts. Your first mission is done, and choosing a monster that suits both the game scene and the type of enemy is the key to victory.

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Through the process of training and fighting enemies, the Nexomon will learn a lot of things: improve their combat skills, gain experience points to evolve into a stronger system. Like Pokemon, you will play and experience for yourself the similarities and differences between the monster systems. From there, make smarter choices.

In the process of playing, along with finding and taming monsters, you also need to join a Tamer Guild to ally with other players to increase your strength.

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