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My Talking Angela 2 Mod APK (Unlocked Everything)

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Tae - 30/09/2021

Do you love pets? In My Talking Angela 2, you can get a virtual pet that you can groom, dress up, and feed in this fun game. Play also a lot of mini games today!

We love taking care of pets regardless of our age. They give joy to us and they take away the stress we feel every day after school or work. More than that, they give us companionship and a sense of belongingness. That’s why most people have pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and many others. But if you want a virtual pet, you can play My Talking Angela 2!

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A game from Outfit7, this game is an installment to the highly successful one with the same name. It all started with the male version of this which is Talking Tom. Now, it has since grew into this as awesome game that you can play with. Here, you can make her sing, dance, dress up, groom her and so much more!

A Virtual Talking Pet

Do you have pets right now? If you do, then you appreciate mobile games that contains animals with them, right? As with many people, they love taking care of animals such as cats, dogs, hamsters, birds, fishes and many more. Some people even go as far as having exotic pets such as a sloth, a skunk, a Bengal cat and many more. But if you can’t have pets or you are always on the go, you can play with My Talking Angela 2 instead!

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This game features Angela which is a wonderful cat that can talk and do a lot of things a human can do. Together, you can groom her, make her sing, make her dance and even explore incredible places to go shopping. You can also buy food for her and try baking or you can go to different sweet shops today. There are also so many dresses to choose from and you can even do her makeup! It’s the ultimate pet game that you can enjoy today.

Moreover, you can play mini games such as completing puzzles and finding bugs!

My Talking Angela 2 Features

Do you remember the first time you got your pet? Were you excited, scared or happy? What if you get a virtual pet? In My Talking Angela 2, you can get one!

A Talking Virtual Pet – When we have pets, we try our best to stay by their side as much as possible. We cater to their needs such as shelter, food and affection. In turn, they give us emotional support and they can be our best friends. More than that, they are there to give us companionship that we might need every time we feel lonely or when we’re happy. But if you’re too busy to keep a real pet, why not try a virtual one with My Talking Angela 2?

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In this game, you get exactly a talking cat named Angela that can do a lot of things that humans do. She loves to dance, sing and explore different places! Together, you can shop for clothes, food and bake cakes. You can also experiment and have her try different clothes as well as do her make up. Enjoy your time with your virtual pet now!

Dance, Sing and Eat – Sometimes, we wish that our real pets could sing, dance or talk. Although most animals can communicate, they can’t talk and they can’t do most things that we do. But in this game, you will enjoy the talents of Angela! She’s a talented cat that loves to dance and sing. She can give you joy with her voice and talents in this game. More than that, she loves sweet food!

Dress her up – If you love fashion, so does Angela! In this game, you can shop for clothes in various places and try it on her. You can mix and match different styles of clothing such as a dress, pants, shirts, hats and even shoes. You can also do her make up to make her look pretty.

Visit different locations – In this game, you have the opportunity to visit different popular tourist destinations. Then you can buy clothes and food in those places and enjoy your time together. Bring Angela with you no matter where you go today.

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Play mini games – Angela is a cat that loves challenges and games. She loves solving crazy puzzles and enjoy playing mini games. You can also try Donut Spin and many more that will develop her skills!

Fun animation – This game is more than just a virtual pet game. It can make you feel so many emotions thanks to the realistic animations.

My Talking Angela 2 Mod APK – Unlocked Everything, Unlimited Money & Coins

Enjoy your time with a virtual pet today. Download My Talking Angela 2 and do everything you want!

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