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My Darkest Moment

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Updated on March 11, 2022

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My Darkest Moment
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Android 9

My Darkest Moment APK is an extreme adventure game. The game is completely action-free, with no flashy or fierce scenes. It is a complex inner human journey. Play, settle and listen to emotional voices, you may find a part of yourself somewhere.

Introduce about My Darkest Moment

Short but profound, My Darkest Moment is a game of surprising emotional weight.

The game world is very diverse. Only mobile games have enough things for you to experience. Some game is up to a hundred hours long, some mix many genres, some puzzle game is idle entertainment, there are even very short games, but the emotional depth that it brings is unbelievable. Typically My Darkest Moment.

What genre of game is My Darkest Moment exactly?

It’s hard to name the genre of My Darkest Moment. You can think of it as a simple physics-based puzzle as well. You could call it an emotional gaming experience, an introspective slicing is also true.

What remains in the heart after playing My Darkest Moment is not the gameplay, nor the subtle details, but its surprising emotional weight.

Many players have had to admit they were swept away by the strange idea of ​​this game. The way My Darkest Moment turns real situations into various aspects is sometimes quite surreal. And to convey all of this, profoundly, in a super short time, My Darkest Moment had to incorporate some interactive physics settings to solve puzzles to help the character pass the scenes, the rest is about 75% that are monologues and cut scenes.

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You will interact with the path, the balls, the clock to find a way out for your stuck character. Just like in real life, we always need a reason, a motivation, no matter how small, to get out of the captivity of negative emotions.

Short game, is it worth playing?

When playing this game, until the story is over, you will probably regret and just wish it lasted longer and had more to explore, discover puzzles.

Longer may be more interesting but with me, I am satisfied with the duration and small challenges that this game brings. The main thing is to enjoy the inner depth and have a few nights to reflect for yourself, that’s enough for me.

Note: if you are stressed, depressed, or just going through a dark period in your life, then playing My Darkest Moment is not a good idea, although you can see a reflection of yourself in here. Honestly, it is advisable to play when you have overcome the negative emotions in your heart. It’s time to look back to realize better things, like how the character has found his way to a bright future.

Graphics and sound

In addition to short, concise words, a reasonable way to change the mood, the two most successful parts of My Darkest Moment must be graphics and sounds. You will find My Darkest Moment with nothing but gloomy colors. Masked, faceless, nameless people live day after day, not caring about their beliefs, hopes, wishes, or anything but the two words of existence. You don’t want to be like them, want to struggle to be different, but in the end, there’s nothing you can do.

My Darkest Moment gives me a bit of an initial feeling of anxiety. But when the game circuit starts, I get caught up in the episode. Seeing everything so close, like many moods that I went through. That feeling is normal, and until you realize that if you don’t find a way to get rid of it, it will become heavy and abnormal. Everything negative that a person experience (or will) is in My Darkest Moment: boredom, separation, suffering, wondering how to be happier, more optimistic, more loving life…

The slightly metaphorical visual storytelling art in My Darkest Moment can be classified as unique. Along with the mysterious, slightly prickly music, it’s easy for anyone to find a part of themselves in this simple puzzle game.

Download My Darkest Moment APK free for Android

In general, My Darkest Moment is a well worth playing short game. After playing, I still thought about it for several nights in a row. The game can give you extra motivation in this difficult life.

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