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My Child Lebensborn

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December 21, 2021 (5 mins ago)
My Child Lebensborn
Sarepta Studio
FREE $2.99
Android 4.4

You know, raising a traumatized child is no easy feat. You can hardly know how sensitive, fragile, and excitable they are, and how you have to deal with those complex emotional situations. Everything will be told in a humane game called My Child Lebensborn APK.

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Introduce about My Child Lebensborn

A post-war child with sorrows that need to be shared!

My Child Lebensborn is a simulation game from the publisher Sarepta Studio. The game is labeled 15+ even when there aren’t any typical jumpscare situations, nor is there any scary murderous violence. Maybe the game is just for ones who are really mature and have a clear perception. How can it be?


My Child Lebensborn opens in the post-World War II setting. The war is over, but its result remains forever. Millions of innocent children have no family, no relatives, no shelter. As a single woman (or unidentified man) who had no children, you decided to adopt the child appearing on the emotional news in the newspaper.

Time passed. The young three-year-old child you adopted was about seven and about to enter first grade at school. Wounds of war are still everywhere. Is it his background that can make him vilified and bullied at school? How will he react? And how will you respond to love and forgiveness?

Such is the story of My Child Lebensborn. Watching the trailer and reading the story passages gave me goosebumps. A psychological war and a memory battlefield will take place. The story introduced into the game itself is an emotional story for anyone who has ever heard or known about war. And it’s even more heart-touching if you’re a parent. 

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Simulate everything and always put you between the lines 

Life has never been easy for anyone. Happiness is also not easy to grasp if you do not know how to be satisfied with what you have. Right from the first words, you can imagine a series of difficult days ahead that you must face. My Child Lebensborn sets out three important factors for human life and the child: 

  • Money
  • Time
  • Emotion

You need these three things; the child needs these three things too. Most of the time in the game revolves around how to balance these three key things in life and help the child overcome emotional trauma.

My Child Lebensborn poses many contradictions, between wants and needs, between what can be done and what should be done, between expectations and desires. For example, you want to spend more time with your children. But if you stay around him all the time and cuddle him and tell him stories at night, then where is the time to make money? If you have no money, you will go hungry. The child will be malnourished, and you will be out of breath.

At school, the situation is more complicated. Your child is isolated, bullied because of his poor background related to German soldiers. To help him overcome that feeling of being offended and alone, you, as the nurturer, have to spend a lot of time sharing with him. Time, once again, is a factor that cannot be taken lightly in this game. It’s like in real life, the most precious time is the amount of time you spend with your kids, which is too expensive for parents who have to work all day to feed their family.

At the beginning of the game, the choices are quite easy to choose. And you can almost solve the equilibrium problem. But when he goes to school and officially faces the rejection of everyone around, everything becomes complicated. It is very difficult for you to know what the right answer is and what should be done at each time. Knowing that Time spent with children is the most necessary thing right now, you cannot be with him all the time. And the second half of the game puts a lot of emphasis on situations that require Time like this, so it’s hard to not question yourself.

Every small decision you make can lead to consequences. My Child Lebensborn has only two endings. One is that you and your child move to another part of Norway to start a new life. Second, the child feels unsafe around you and will run away from home.

What exactly happened to the child and you?

The child you adopt is one of two characters: Karin is a girl and Klaus is a boy. In general, whether it’s a girl or a boy, it’s still a good, obedient, understanding child. There are many happy and sad memories between you and the child. But all is just a warm-up screen.

It gets really thrilling when the kid starts telling you about some things at school. The child gets bullied quite a lot. At first, it was just a few small cases like being kicked out of class, being snowed by classmates. But then things start to increase, the bullying seems to have crossed the line: the child is tied up in the woods, even urinated on by friends. There are sad scenes that make you want to cry, like when the child excitedly tells you that he has found a way to stay warm when his friends throw snow at him. So touching.

All these stories you know partly through the stories of your children, partly through the pages of his own diary in the game. Things gradually come to a dead-end, and it’s time for you to make important decisions for the child’s future. Decisions for bullying cases will mostly lead to an end.

It’s just about what a child must endure. What about your reaction? Unfortunately, in My Child Lebensborn, you can only express your reaction with three options: Optimistic, Cautious or Strict. Depending on how you respond to situations or your child’s words, the child’s mood will gradually change.

For example, when he talks about being bullied for the first time, you think it’s a joke, so you issue a strict deterrent. Next time he tells you again, you’re strict again. So, he doesn’t want to tell you anymore. You can only understand him by reading his Diary. And then if you continue to behave like that, it will be sooner or later if he runs away from home.

Sound and graphics

It is a real comic book. It is increasing the rhythm, bringing the player’s emotions to a high level, even if it is only in seemingly trivial situations every day. My Child Lebensborn uses Live 2D graphics, the movements of the child’s character are therefore very vivid. All happiness, sadness, depression, or joy are evident on each face. You have a lot of heart-fluttering because of these sincere expressions.

The story takes place in the background of gentle melodious music. Certainly, many knots make you not stand still, not know how to do it. But no matter what, the music in the game is still as peaceful as that. Soothing and healing soul wounds is the message the game maker wants to send to players.

Download My Child Lebensborn APK free for Android

“Touch the heart”, that’s all I want to say about My Child Lebensborn. Believe me, you will even cry when playing this game. It is an excellent simulation game imbued with humanity and countless fragile choice situations. Spend a bit of time in your day playing My Child Lebensborn, I believe you won’t waste a second.

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