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Multi Commander 11.4.0 Build 2831 (Donationware)

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Dual-pane and multi-tabbed file manager with rich features for experienced users, including advanced search, registry explorer, file packer and aliases

What's new in Multi Commander 11.4.0 Build 2831:

ADDED - MultiScript function "GetApplicationArch()" that return the Application architecture 32 or 64 ADDED - MultiScript function "GetSystemArch()" that return the OS architecture 32 or 64 CHANGE- Ignore case is on by default for find content search FIXED - Filter/Advanced search option for matching extneded attributes like Symlink/Junction

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Multi Commander is a multi-tabbed file manager whose purpose is to replace Windows Explorer. Its extensive range of functions and customizable settings should be appreciated by adventurous users who are continuously looking for new ways to speed up file operations.

Multi-tabbed interface with numerous options

The interface is split into two panes where you can open as many tabs as you want, and access different locations on the disk. File operations vary from copying and pasting to more advanced procedures, such as file packing and folder comparison.

You can manage plugins and extensions dedicated to performing advanced file searches, renaming multiple files in batch more, and calculating checkums, among others.

Customize aliases, commands and buttons

It's also possible create aliases for directories to open or applications and insert them into a command-line bar for immediate execution. Moreover, you can personalize a button window that contains various shortcuts, define custom commands (e.g. multi-script, external, batch script), as well as reconfigure keyboard shortcuts for the menu, toolbar, buttons and other areas of Multi Commander.

Versatile file operations

Additional tools of the software application focus on the Clipboard copying method (e.g. file version, comma-separated list), text conversion mode (to Windows, Unix or Mac formats), file security (e.g. take ownership) and file backups, just to name a few.

Furthermore, you can hide folders, executable files and DLLs, select all images from the current location, access the Windows Task Manager straight from the main app window, customize the toolbar and other UI elements (including colors), and much more. Expert settings are up for configuration too, such as the read and write strategy for file operations.

Evaluation and conclusion

The tool worked smoothly in our tests and consumed low CPU and RAM, so it didn't hamper the overall performance of the computer. It includes complete help documentation that clarifies every aspect. Although Multi Commander is not oriented toward beginners, experienced users should be thrilled by the diversity of tools provided by this file manager.

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