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Monument Valley 2

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Monument Valley 2
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I used to be immersed in the nihilistic world of a girl looking for a voice in Monument Valley. And now get one more sleepless night with Monument Valley 2 APK. Don’t ask why, just play with me. Because to understand a masterpiece, you must really feel.

Table of contentsIntroduce about Monument Valley 2Play games and be immersed StorylineThe symbolism and emotional element that the game conveys can leave you sobbing for a long timeStrange colors and talking blocksDownload Monument Valley 2 APK free for Android

Introduce about Monument Valley 2

Deep in Mother’s Heart!

Play games and be immersed 

Series Monument Valley can be called a masterpiece of art on mobile. It was made by Ustwo, the UK-based indie mobile game developer. Encapsulated in a modest capacity, Monument Valley mini game, from the first day of its appearance, has become a phenomenon. With simple but attractive visual arts, this game will help you realize that the world has not only happiness and sadness but also unnamed romantic emotions…

If Monument Valley is a wonder, then Monument Valley 2 is a national treasure. Each part of the game has its own vitality, ruminant but intense. It’s actually very difficult to narrate all the thoughts and feelings in a game full of art like this, no matter how many beautiful words you intend to use. Monument Valley 2 is the kind of game that can hold your hand and pull you out of this grim world, letting you immerse yourself in a mysterious world with space colors until the end of the game.

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It is a story about the love of a mother and child who have a lost soul but still have more than one belief on the day of reunion. The story of Princess Ida in part one has come to an end. In the second part, we hear another narrative, even more tormented and full of regret. You will hear a dark voice from afar, “Do you remember the days when you were a kid when your mother still wanted you to do a lot of things? It was a mission to grow up. It’s time for you to learn to be a real adult.”

Being in bewilderment and confusion, you play as a young mother struggling to find a way to grow up with her child. A story about a young mother who is both worried and happy when she sees her child grow up over the years “Dear, don’t grow up too fast, wait for me to follow”. Maybe you’ve never been a mother, and you don’t understand the mother’s heart. But if you follow the woman in Monument Valley 2, you will know that the mother’s love is immense but also full of difficulties and thoughts, like the journey through the world of color in the game.

The symbolism and emotional element that the game conveys can leave you sobbing for a long time

By integrating the thoughts and feelings of a mother and a young daughter, Monument Valley 2 takes you into a world of 3D illusions on a strange 2D background. The puzzle form is elaborately designed, both enthusiastic and apathetic. Sometimes each person goes in each direction, but sometimes both mother and child have to work together to overcome the puzzle being the separating doors. As the life we ​​are living in, apart from love, there is an invisible gap between mother and child that can be filled only if we really want to overcome it. The symbolism in Monument Valley 2 must be said to be extremely good.

Many segments of emotions are so strong that they give me goosebumps. I had to stop for a few minutes to settle down. Like the scene of mother and daughter not yet able to come together. They go but are bewildered and worried about the other person behind. What do you think of your mother when witnessing this emotional scene?

Then at some point, the child grows up, leaves the mother’s arms, gets on the boat to sail, leaving the mother behind in nostalgia and loneliness, but she still smiles because her little girl is grown up now.

The gameplay is still the same as Monument Valley. But now you control not just one character anymore, but two, one after the other. Each of them slowly approaches each other until they meet each other. Then the Totem column like part 1 will appear. It brings back memories for the mother. She recalls her childhood days when she was with her mother, led by her mother step by step then she got on the boat to sail. For now, the circle comes, and she has to grow up a little more and be resilient, trusting to let her daughter leave her to the big sea with her independence and self-control. Wait, wait a minute, let’s go get a tissue first, I can’t help it anymore.

From this stage, the fantasy world in the game seems to step to a new level. The blocks are constantly evolving so it takes a lot of effort to find a way to the doors. All to build a tree, growing bigger and bigger. In the future, the tree will spread, it is when the little girl grows up and leaves her mother’s arms…

When it comes to symbolism and hidden meaning, to be honest, no one can beat Monument Valley 2. I like it even more than part 1 because of the depth of meaning it brings. That feeling is very deep, very real, and full of emotion.

Strange colors and talking blocks

The gameplay is to use geometric pieces to connect, create or find a way to a place. The main mechanism throughout the game is to Rotate and Move. The interesting thing is that even though the character is standing still, you can rotate and move the geometric blocks in different directions and depths. Space is always moving with each step and every movement of the character.

Whether the puzzle is difficult or easy, everything revolves around this way of playing. You just need to touch the screen back and forth, you can control it, nothing complicated in terms of navigation. But the depth of thought, the challenges posed, and the hidden areas somewhere in this hidden 3D structure will be what drives you crazy.

Fortunately, the colors changing from time to time will make your heart lighter. Sometimes we don’t even want to care about the challenge anymore, just want to watch the moving screen in front of us and let our soul go into the endless stream of thoughts about mom. The colors will always change from time to time.

At first, when mother and child were together, the tone was bright blue. But when the mother and daughter parted and entered different paths of adulthood, the whole tone was gloomy. And when they have overcome the emotions that are sometimes very sad, the two meet again with a different mindset (having an open mind and truly accepting the course of adulthood), the game is full of warm tone as a new future is about to begin.

Download Monument Valley 2 APK free for Android

I don’t want to end this post at all. My emotions are still flowing guys. But if I want to say all the depth of the implications in Monument Valley 2, it won’t be enough time. So, I have to let you experience yourself guys.

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