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Momentum for Chrome 2.4.24 (Demo)

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An efficient and easy-to-use Chrome extension that is meant to help you keep your to-do list in your field of vision every time you feel like wasting time

Momentum for Chrome is a useful addon whose main purpose is to provide you with the ability to spend your time wisely when browsing the Internet, by replacing your new tab page with an inspiring image and quote, in order to determine you to carry on with your work.

The utility can only be installed by dropping the downloaded file onto the open 'Extensions' window in Google Chrome, otherwise it does not complete the installation.

On the first launch you will need to enter your name, or whatever appellation you prefer, so the extension can use it to greet you every time you open a new tab; it can however be changed easily. It displays the time in very large font, as well as an inspirational message designed to motivate you as much as possible.

Moreover, it displays the current weather conditions, on a location which it can detect on its own, but allows you modify it in case it is not correct or you simply wish to know the weather in another city. Next to it, you can see the number of completed tasks from your 'Todo' list.

The 'Todo' list can be accessed in the lower right corner, where you can add new tasks, remove existing ones or cross off those you have completed. This way, you can keep track of everything you have managed to accomplish since you have sat in front of your computer, or on the contrary, be motivated to start working in order to finish your assignments before it is too late.

To conclude, Momentum for Chrome is a helpful extension that is meant to determine you to finish your work or complete your tasks, by reminding you of your 'Todo' list every time you feel tempted to open a social media website and risk wasting hours on it.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSIONThe following features are available only in the Pro version: Contdown Notes Customize theme and font Autofocus Add integration SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSGoogle Chrome

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