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Mobile Suit Gundam: UC Engage

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November 22, 2021 (25 seconds ago)
Mobile Suit Gundam: UC Engage
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

Mobile Suit Gundam: UC Engage APK, an attractive role-playing game by BANDAI NAMCO, is about to be released later this year. This is good news for players who like the highly tactical turn-based role-playing genre, especially those who love the Gundam series.

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Introduce about Mobile Suit Gundam: UC Engage

Published by BANDAI NAMCO, a famous publisher in the field of anime game adaptations such as One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball… And this time, they bring gamers a game adapted from Gundam, the movie is close to the childhood of many people. Surely, as a child, everyone had a dream of driving a Mobile Suit Gundam. That will be realized right in this game.

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Gundam is a movie revolving around giant robots (mecha). Along with this movie, they also have an industry of Gundam Robots, also known as Gunpla with millions of dollars in sales and 90% of the character model market. And in Mobile Suit Gundam: UC Engage, you will be able to freely choose different Mobile Suit models from many series.


The game’s setting is set in an era known as the Universal Century (UC), the era of the rise of machines. In the game, you have to control 6 Mobile Suits at the same time and destroy the enemies. The battle mode is a 6 vs 6 match. Your task is to build your own squad and command them in the battles following the storyline of the Gundam animated series, even the side stories. Not only that, you can use that team in PVP matches with other players. Matches integrate with an auto-battle feature to help you reduce the frequency of manipulation.

Collecting Gundam

Through the gameplay of this game, it is not difficult to guess that the gacha element is also in the game. To own Mobile Suit Gundam from various series you must use gacha machine. You will meet many familiar faces such as Z Gundam, Gundam ZZ, Gundam F91, Gundam Thunder bolt… and many other characters are waiting for you.

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Some other features

Through the trailer that the publisher gives, it is difficult to guess all the features of the game. But surely the game will be divided into 2 main areas: PVP and PVE. In addition to experiencing the story of the game, you can also compete with other players in competitions in PVP mode.

Upgrading is an integral part of a game like Mobile Suit Gundam: UC Engage. For turn-based games, the difficulty will increase with each level. This is to avoid you relying too much on auto mode in combat. You need to learn how to build a squad and manipulate it manually if you want to win the late stages.


The game is designed with extremely beautiful 3D graphics. The combination of anime in the game through cut scenes is a creation from the developer. This makes it easier than ever to lead players through events. The most unique feature of the game in terms of graphics is the change of camera angle. You can look from the top down to cover the battle or use the 3rd perspective to see the Gundams more clearly.

Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage 1440x810

Thanks to that, you can both cover the front and still be able to watch the extremely eye-catching battle scenes of the Gundams. The image of beautiful and clear Gundams shows the developer’s refinement. At the same time, the animation is also very smooth, the skills of the Gundams are also very eye-catching, which will surely satisfy the most demanding players.

Download Mobile Suit Gundam: UC Engage APK for Android

Currently, the game is only released in Japan. There is still no information about the launch of a Global version for this game. Therefore, international gamers will face a lot of difficulties when experiencing this game.

Mobile Suit Gundam: UC Engage promises to be a great game this year. Not only in the plot and attractive gameplay, but the graphics are also top notch. Especially for Gundam lovers, this is a game not to be missed. Although BANDAI NAMCO has opened pre-registration on Google Play and App Store, we still have no information on the official launch date of the game. They just revealed that the game will be released this year in the Japanese market.

Currently, the game has not been released. In the meantime, you can enjoy thousands of fun games on APKMODY.

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