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Mkgmap 4809 (GPL)

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Convert OpenStreetMap tags to a map in IMG format, compatible with Garmin GPS devices, using this advanced command-line application

What's new in Mkgmap 4809:

fix java.lang.AssertionError while building index from unicode tiles.

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Mkgmap is a complex command-line application developed to provide you with the means of converting OpenStreetMaps information, specifically tags, into image maps, which can then be loaded onto Garmin GPS devices and help you reach your destination quicker.

Aimed mainly at advanced individuals, the program requires some knowledge of working with CMD arguments. Also, it requires you to have Java installed on your system, as otherwise you cannot run its main JAR file.

Also, Mkgmap also comes with a hefty help documentation, taking you step by step through the basics of working with Garmin GPS devices, as well as OpenStreetMap. If read carefully, you can find out how to best benefit from this lightweight application, without too much effort involved.

As such, you will be able to acquire essential details about a map’s style, and then discover how to design a Garmin map while taking into account the resolution, level and overview map aspects. Other useful information can be found in style structure and rules. Subsequently, you can learn how to create a style with the help of Mkgmap, allowing you to test them prior to generation.

The utility features a wide array of functions, all of which are accessible through a simple argument in CMD, specifically ‘--help=options’. This will provide you with a detailed list of its capabilities, as well as a brief description of each one, so you can determine which best matches your needs.

With Mkgmap, you will be able to create detailed maps for your GPS device, by designing a well-rounded route for travelling. You can thus include all the information you may need on the road, such as roundabouts, flare roads, cycleways, motorway exits, and many others.

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