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Mint 1.4 (GPLv3)

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Launch various applications from a simple system tray menu, with the help of this lightweight, portable and unobtrusive application

If you use a lot of applications or play many games on a regular basis, having a quick and accessible way of launching them can both save you time and improve your overall experience. While desktop, Taskbar and Start Menu shortcuts usually get the job done, an alternative is always welcome.

Mint is a lightweight, open-source utility that adds a new menu to the system tray, which can be used to list and launch various applications and games. It is very easy to configure, though it offers no advanced features.

Can be used on the go, and it leaves nothing behind

Installation is not necessary, as you can launch the program from any location as soon as you have finished downloading it. This makes deployment very simple, so you can even place it on a portable storage device without any issues.

What’s more, your settings and application list are stored in two JSON files that are saved in the root folder. As long as you don’t forget to copy these as well, you can take all your configurations with you.

Simple application launcher for the system tray

Configuring Mint could hardly be easier. All you need to do is find an executable file, add a title and send the entry to the Apps list. Every program in this list will be displayed in the tray menu and can be launched with a single mouse click.

The application can be set to start with Windows automatically, and there are also several UI themes to choose from. The interface itself is very intuitive, so first-time users should not run into any issues.

On the whole, Mint isn’t exactly a revolutionary piece of software, as it doesn’t offer any features that we haven’t seen before. It is a very simple application, but many users will likely appreciate its lightweight design and the fact that it is fully portable.

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