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Mini World: CREATA

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Mini World: CREATA
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Android 4.4

Mini World: CREATA APK, formerly Mini World: Block Art, is a sandbox-style open-world building game similar to Minecraft. Anyone who is a fan of Sandbox should immediately download Mini World: CREATA, this game is for you!

Table of contentsIntroduce about Mini World: CREATAA wonderful world in Mini World: CREATAThree game modes for three different play stylesGameplayGraphics and appearance change constantlyDownload Mini World: CREATA APK for Android

Introduce about Mini World: CREATA

Make Your Dream Come True!

Many people think that before playing Minecraft, you should play a game of the same genre but at a simpler level, like Mini World: CREATA for example. That way, you will get used to the gameplay, and the sandbox world in the game will be easier and more comfortable for you.

A wonderful world in Mini World: CREATA

Mini World: CREATA will have all the forms, properties, and ways of operating the world similar to Minecraft. Everything in here is free, creative without borders. The game does not have any levels or limits for players. You are free to do whatever you want, creating your own rules, perspectives, and games like building a house, an apartment, a castle, or being the mayor of a big city. Then in the world you just built, you will create a new adventure, explore the underworld, pursue the Black Dragon and stop the cruel plots in your way.

Mini World CREATA APK download

Three game modes for three different play styles

Mini World: CREATA has three game modes: Survival, Creative, and Minigames. When playing in Survival mode, your task is to collect resources, build shelters and constantly find and craft tools to fight for survival in this vast, colorful but dangerous world. During the adventure, you will freely admire different spaces with many small and large tasks such as exploring caves, collecting precious animals, fighting with Black Dragon to protect the world. The pre-programmed world here will allow you to practice, upgrade and perfect your survival and combat skills. In short, this mode is for players who love adventure and exploration.

And if you are looking for a new feeling, creativity without borders of a sandbox world, then you can play Creative mode. At this point, you are the almighty who holds all the resources of the game and can build and create anything you like. For example, you can build a vast forest, a most advanced city, a fertile farm on empty land, or even a large and majestic castle. In that newly created world, you will make the rules of the game, create enemies and experience the feeling of fighting with every level you create. The only thing that can be limited is your creativity.

Both Survival and Creative modes mentioned above, you can choose to play alone or play with many people online.

Moreover, you can play Minigames mode with multiplayer. You will join a series of fun mini-games developed by the player community. This is a real party filled with laughter and color. You can play parkour, puzzle, FPS, or a small competition strategy game with people from all over the world. Every week there are tournaments and contests with attractive rewards. If you want fun, playing this mode is very suitable.


If you play Survival mode, like other fighting and building RPGs, you’ll need to gather as many resources as you can, craft your tools, build bunkers, and use weapons against a group of enemies and a series of ferocious monsters in a dark dungeon. The operations are also quite basic with the left-hand movement control button cluster and the right-hand weapon collection. Each time you successfully kill a monster, you will accumulate experience points and valuable loot. These loots are also a form of resource for later construction work.

When entering Creative mode, things are much different. The sandbox world in Mini World: CREATA is very large with gameplay quite similar to Minecraft. All resources of the game will be in your inventory. Every time you want to use it just open, select, and build. There are different types of blocks with different roles and uses. Your first task will be to learn all of these separate functions. Only then can they be used properly and fully exploited to their full potential.


The creative process in the game is a continuous operation of placing and removing blocks to build anything you want. There are no patterns, no rules, all creation is free. It’s not just castles, buildings, roads, fortresses, or anything else we’ve ever known. You guys just freely build something the more unique and unpredictable the better like a flying machine, a forest can change its color according to the time of day…

You can always create enemies for yourself. And the game has lots of mini-games with different difficulties to challenge players. If you are satisfied with the finished product, you can upload it to the Gallery or download the work of other players. The gallery is the place where the Mini World: CREATA community is free to show their products and show off their creativity.

Currently Mini World: CREATA supports up to 14 different languages: English, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian, German, Indonesian, etc.

Graphics and appearance change constantly

Mini World: CREATA is also famous for its unique engine and cute characters with equally witty names such as Boom Bear, Yoyo King, Little Fish, Dinosaur, Panda, Mini Rabbit, Crystal Cat… With similar gameplay, the game is considered a place to practice before entering the more sophisticated Minecraft. I’m partial because I’m new to sandboxing, and partly because I like the colorful and fun game style, so my first impression is that I like Mini World: CREATA more than Minecraft.

Mini World CREATA for Android

One point that cannot be ignored is the versatility of Mini World: CREATA. This is also a big difference compared to Minecraft and is what keeps a lot of players. You will be surprised to know that this gaming community is extremely hard-working. The manufacturer also always keeps the promise and spirit of the game when offering a series of upgrades and improvements following the major events of the year according to the seasons, important holidays such as Christmas, New Year, Halloween.

Download Mini World: CREATA APK for Android

In short, if you love the sandbox game genre, you should play Mini World: CREATA. This game has many cute characters, so many events that take place every day, and a lot of interesting things waiting for you to explore.

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