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Mine Hunter: Pixel Rogue RPG

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November 24, 2021 (8 mins ago)
Mine Hunter: Pixel Rogue RPG
Loongcheer Game

Don’t need a lengthy introduction, just looking at the name, Mine Hunter: Pixel Rogue RPG APK, you probably have known the combination of genres of this game. If you want to play a game that wants to be a little rebellious, a little different, you should try this amazing game.

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Introduce about Mine Hunter: Pixel Rogue RPG

Defeat all the monsters that haunt the mines!

Pixel art graphics don’t always please everyone. But sometimes you will get bored of fancy games and want to find a simple retro game. At that time, the pixel game will be like a cool breeze, re-nourishing the passion for gaming in you with the purest and purest values.

But pixel games aren’t always “pure”. At least it’s not, with Mine Hunter: Pixel Rogue RPG.


Thousands of years ago, the Abyss in its existence to balance the world, accidentally created many unknown monsters. Now they have gathered together and ambition to conquer the world to turn every place into deep and deadly darkness. Humans had to find a way to unite, fight against these fearsome monsters. A hero appears, and his role shines more and more with resounding feats. He’s just a teenager, but will soon become the destiny of mankind and man’s only hope.

Mine Hunter Pixel Rogue RPG on APKMODY 1440x810

That’s Marson. He is a shy orphan boy. One day, Marson fell into a mine and accidentally ran into monsters in it. While he thought he was dead, Marson was saved by a mine hunter who hunted down and destroyed this army of monsters.

Since then, Marson has cherished the dream, when he grows up to become a genuine Mine Hunter, like the hero who saved his life in the past. Over the years, Marson was big enough and strong enough to fulfill his dream, that’s also when the monsters of darkness could no longer wait, wanted to emerge from the ground to destroy human life.

Marson becomes the hero from here.


The RPG style in Mine Hunter: Pixel Rogue RPG is very classic. And when combined with Roguelike, it even gets more classic. So that game has a standard that is not difficult to predict, but it also isn’t easy to play.

As Marson the mine Hunter, you will have to go to the mines, fight the copies, climb the rank, make the most of the upgrade runes at the end of each map, then upgrade, complete small quests, big quests, increase strength, and continue to explore the new dungeons.

The correct process is iterative. And the gameplay is nothing new. But the impression of Mine Hunter: Pixel Rogue RPG will appear when your character starts to upgrade. The skill system is enhanced through each level, along with a series of items obtained after each copy will make you even more interested in this game.

Mine Hunter Pixel Rogue RPG APK download 1440x810

Of course, you will lose all these hard-earned precious items after each death and rebirth. But each time you revive, everything around you will change, even your innate strength is more advanced. And the fact that the character is quite strong so it is not easy to die after just one hit will also make the gameplay much more motivating. The attraction of Mine Hunter: Pixel Rogue RPG lies in the gameplay like that.

Mine Hunter: Pixel Rogue RPG has designed 4 separate dungeon scenes that need players to explore to the end to unlock the next scenes. Whichever character you choose, you will have to overcome a mixture of monster enemies, traps, and many difficult quests that await. “Not a minute of peace” will be your constant feeling when playing Mine Hunter: Pixel Rogue RPG.

Freely customize character stats

When fighting monsters, Marson can make use of all his skills. Like running, jumping, slashing, and launching unique skills. And at the end of each scene, in true Roguelike style, the game will open up many options to upgrade the character’s stats. You can choose to increase your running speed, or slash harder, or jump higher, have better stamina, and get new abilities like bubble combat, special artifacts… It completely depends on the perception of the character’s strengths and weaknesses of each player to upgrade. At each new level, the newly upgraded stats will give you many new advantages. The battle promises to be more dramatic. Then if you win, you will again have the opportunity to upgrade another stat. And so on until Marson is truly strong.

Choosing the right upgrade before each scene will give you many advantages and vice versa. So depending on intuition and strategy, players have different options. Replay is also sometimes an opportunity for you to try a different, more interesting way.

Your hero character also has an additional source of support power from pets. Choosing a species that suits your fighting style will also make you stronger in battles.

Graphics and sounds

Pixel art 2D is gentle but very elaborate, the character creations are small, but the pixel cells are meticulously connected, not disjointed and the seams are very clear. So the general feeling is still very modern and trendy. The color scheme also plays a big role in the attraction of this game.

Mine Hunter Pixel Rogue RPG for Android 1440x810

The background music is as simple as the game itself. There are not many sound effects, intense explosions. Everything is quite peaceful. For those who want to find comfort in playing a moderately fast-paced action game, this game is very right for you.

Download Mine Hunter: Pixel Rogue RPG APK for Android

In short, Mine Hunter: Pixel Rogue RPG is a very worth playing game. Classic game from graphics to gameplay, but still not lacking in creative small details. You guys should download and try it out.

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