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Midnight Commander 4.8.27 Build 220 (GPLv3)

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Copy, edit, delete, move and manage files and directories on your computer using solely shortcuts via this advanced file management tool

Considering that it comes with just a few settings that you can tweak slightly and you can go through the settings to make it work more efficient, the best way to describe Windows Explorer is simply functional. Simply put, if you need to manage files and directories on your computer frequently, then you can be more efficient if you were to use a dedicated file manager.

Midnight Commander is an advanced, yet easy to use Explorer replacement that enables you to perform both simple and complex file management operations using dedicated hotkeys.

Allows you to customize navigation completely

The application comes with a retro interface and features several themes that you can switch to from the Options menu. Similar to other similar tools, the UI is comprised of two tabs that you can use to navigate through the files and folders on your computer.

The difference, however, stems from the fact that the app relies on keyboard shortcuts for navigation purposes. While most of them are quite intuitive, do not hesitate to check out the full list of hotkeys on the developer's website. Then again in case you want to make modifications, then you can do so by accessing the Settings.

Packs several advanced editing features

As far as the functionality is concerned, this is where the application really shines. In addition to the classic file management operations, you will be happy to learn that you can access advanced functions as well. For instance, when editing a file, you have the option to edit the string with a normal expression, hexadecimal, case sensitive, backward or all charsets.

In addition, copying files from one place to another can be done using your usual shell patterns and with preserving the file attributes. Moreover, if you are working with large directories with dozens of files and subfolders, then you can immediately find a particular piece of data via the search function.

A reliable file manager for advanced users

All in all, Midnight Commander is a handy file management utility that addresses users who want to be efficient when handling and editing files and folders on their computer.

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