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Midi2Vol 0.1 (Open Source)

2 years ago 226

Pair this application with your Nano. Slider for maximum effect and in order to be able to learn the new directions of innovative tech

What's new in Midi2Vol 0.1:

The menu is now a check box. You can select wether to be notified when the pad selects the volume of a new program or if it remains silent. StartUp menu is better. Added a clear button in App config menu.

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If you're one of the individuals looking into all sorts of modern or innovative technology, Midi2Vol is an application that deals with the interesting Nano. Slider keyboard. While this particular product can be used to control any sort of application that requires a slider, such as sound and video editing, the app will only deal with the volume control on Windows-based PCs.

Probably the most interesting aspect regarding this application is the fact that its interface is just as interesting as the keyboard itself. There seem to be three particular themes ranging from a blank, two-tone version to more special editions such as the sushi and wave-inspired ones. These emulate the exact variants of the real-life product.

The bottom line with this application is it's quirky enough to make you curious about it. While it seems to be a universal midi volume control, the keyboard and the editions, together with the said program, they make for an interesting investment, especially if you want to check out the latest tech on the market. It might not bring lots of functionality but that's not what it is all about, in the end. Some inventions found their usefulness when they were integrated in systems designed by others.

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