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Microsoft Whiteboard (Freeware)

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Interactive canvas that allows multiple users to collaborate in real time, from a number of devices, for various types of projects

Going digital is all well and good, but it seems like nothing can replace an old-fashioned whiteboard during a team meeting. A digital alternative should be as easy to use as the real thing, and that is what Microsoft has attempted to provide, while taking advantage of all the benefits of a cloud-based service.

Microsoft Whiteboard essentially offers a simple canvas that can be edited by multiple users at the same time, from various locations and devices. It supports touch, pen, mouse and keyboard input, allowing you to draw and write freely.

Built with collaboration in mind

While this is a desktop application, all your whiteboards, actions and settings are saved in the cloud. You can invite anyone to participate at any time by just providing a URL and enabling web sharing.

All users who have access to a particular whiteboard can work together and make changes in real time. Everything is saved automatically, and you can pick up where you left off instantly.

Simple but effective set of tools

When it comes to features, Microsoft Whiteboard might seem a bit unimpressive at first, but you have to remember that it’s designed to function as a simple digital canvas, nothing more.

You have the classic customizable pen, as well as a marker and ruler, and you can insert images, text boxes and notes easily. Shapes are created automatically when you draw their rough outline, as are tables.

There are a few background colors to choose from, as well as multiple grid styles for those who aren’t happy with the default whiteboard look.

Available on the web and iOS, but not on Android

Microsoft has already created an iOS version of the app for Apple device users, and your whiteboards can also be accessed from any browser via the web-based version of the application.

However, Android users have to wait a little longer, as Microsoft still seems to be working on a mobile version of the app for them.

All in all, Microsoft Whiteboard is an accessible and quite versatile digital canvas for collaborative work. It can be used from a wide range of devices and supports multiple types of input, making it easy to coordinate with team members from around the world.

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