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Metal Revolution

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Metal Revolution
Youzu (Singapore) Pte. Ltd
Android 4.3

If you still think you won’t be surprised with a bunch of robot combat as you’ve played too many robot games, then try Metal Revolution APK to realize you made a big mistake.

Table of contentsIntroduce about Metal RevolutionTypical Combat with a variety of moves, especially defensive onesEveryone will be stunned by the robot masters hereThe more diligent you are, the faster you climb on the rankingGraphics and soundDownload Metal Revolution APK for Android

Are you ready to learn about the concept of a robot master?

Typical Combat with a variety of moves, especially defensive ones

Metal Revolution is a truly classic combat game. The two sides fight hand to hand. Use simple buttons that are displayed on the screen to control your robot master: On the left is an arrow cluster of moving, including jumping and defending. On the right is the system of skills. Press each button to use each action, and use moving + skill at the same time to transform with different combos, depending on the type of robot and the level you own.

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Especially different from other robot fighting games, Metal Revolution gives you the ability “Rage skill”, a form of ultimate attack that will do great damage on the enemy, possibly an instant death.

One point I like when playing Metal Revolution is in the defense system. Each character has its defense ability. Anyone can beat it, but to live long and put the opponent in a defeated position, the unique defensive moves of this game are the secret. The more defenses you practice, the more likely you are to win, especially every time your opponent launches a rage skill. Because if you defend and survive, you will immediately counterattack when they are taking time to recover. At this time, hitting quickly and killing is as easy as turning the hand.

Everyone will be stunned by the robot masters here

The army of robot masters in Metal Revolution is the perfect treasure that makes this game famous. It does not only focus on showing off heavy weapons like other robot games. Playing Metal Revolution, you will witness strange robots, unique human simulations, like the model of characters in Cyberpunk. With many different shapes, personalities, colors, and sizes, each robot has its strengths and weaknesses.

Big robots are strong and have destructive power but are bulky and have poor mobility. Small robots/ machine warriors simulating female figures have dangerous moves, extremely fast attacks, and very flexible movements. You may think you are playing a combat role-playing game because the robots here are too human, not to mention that the way to move is too flexible.

The more diligent you are, the faster you climb on the ranking

This game is purely about robot fighting. So, if any of you are dreaming of romantic epic battle scenes and all, it’s not there. There is only one arena after another. While the scenery may vary slightly from the roof of Megacity to the desert ghost towns, the common point is that they are all very straight to the point, dry and direct. What you really need to focus on is watching your opponent, then trying out your attacks, and practicing your defense skills well.

Metal Revolution for Android

Playing Metal Revolution has almost no sublime tricks. Whoever practices a lot and works hard to execute many combos can enter the battle quickly and farther. Many game modes offer different training opportunities such as Arcade, Tutorial, and Training. When you are proficient enough, you just go to the battlefield and win positions on the rankings.

Interestingly, in future upgraded versions, the manufacturer will also include many strange features that first appeared in the robot game for Metal Revolution. These include the ability to customize corridors to create battles to play with friends; or have more spectators to give players more fighting feeling; or the ability to chat in real-time with the fighters and the audience just like in a live broadcast. I don’t know when these new versions will be available, but it is worth waiting for that huh?

Graphics and sound

All epic battles in Metal Revolution are designed in high-level 3D graphics. The publisher has boldly stated, “Metal Revolution is using the most advanced graphics technology that can reach 4K standard, screen speeds up to 60 fps.” It is beautiful, deep, tense, has sensitive and sharp movements, but of course, it requires a lot of capacity and phone configuration to play.

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Metal Revolution puts us in the context of endless wars between armies of robots. The cause comes from the internal contradictions of the times, in a certain future world of humanity, when the armed war turns into a robot war with too many technologies and illusions beyond imagination.

Download Metal Revolution APK for Android

The game offers real-time robot battle, rhythmic movement mechanisms, countless defensive moves, and an attractive robot army. And those are just a few of the many reasons that I advise you to play this game right away.

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