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Merge Home Master

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Updated on March 29, 2022

Merge Home Master MOD APK belongs to the genre of games that are so easy to play on mobile: merge games. By combining similar items, you will create a better item to beautify your dream mansion.

Introduce about Merge Home Master

Merge game of interior decoration theme!

Why do so many people like to play merge games on mobile?

Firstly, because they are so easy to play and suitable for this platform. You just need a touch to connect the same things and create something new.

The second reason is probably the feeling of anticipation mixed with a bit of surprise when making a new product. It is always fun to combine several chairs to create a table or combine several sofa pieces to create a complete sofa set. Happiness is doubled, and the joy experienced is also doubled during play.

Usually, in addition to the main gameplay, merging games also come with an interesting topic to create excitement for players: shooting spaceships, tower defense… But it is rare for a light theme.

Interior decoration for homes is not a rare topic on mobile. Merge games are also popular because the gameplay is suitable for mobile platforms. But it is the first time I’ve seen a game that combines these two genres into one, it is Merge Home Master.


Many steps need to be taken to create a dream home, but the most important are probably two stages: Get rid of outdated furniture and redesign the house with modern objects with a modern look. 

Living in the unified world of Merge Home Master, you are free to combine the same parts/pieces to create the best interior for your villa.

You will start by being assigned a luxurious mansion and tasked with transforming it into a livable, dreamy place. But the interior here is completely problematic. Maybe it’s time to redesign the house’s look by replacing the old furniture with trendy and more aesthetically pleasing furniture.

Players will start from the first room of the mansion: the living room, then gradually expand to other rooms to finally complete a large construction. Your only task is to play with the boxes of objects that appear on the screen. Target and choose a way to connect 2-3-4 of the same puzzle pieces to create a worthy item. Like in the actual assembly process, many small pieces will add up to the finished item. In that way, you’ll create as many items as you need, you can complete guest requests, get bonus points, and more valuable merge frames to create more expensive beautiful items.

The game has many levels to play, so far it can be said to be endless. Each level is a different challenge space, giving you new inspiration and keeping you enthusiastic about the merge games.

Merge Home Master also gives you an opportunity to experience an interesting storyline with lovable characters who will accompany you to complete your home. The game also features a series of new events that give you generous rewards. The more you play, the better furniture you have, making the game experience much better.

Graphics and sounds

Merge Home Master uses 3D graphics for items and interior spaces that need to be refreshed. The visual part is quite good, not too excellent, but meticulous in details and importantly, high realism.

Pieces of objects in the merge cells are more like 2D but also highly realistic. You can easily imagine what the final item after merging will look like. This has made the process of visualizing and re-decorating the villa more enjoyable.

Along with good graphics, the sound is also fun. The effect is enough to create a highlight when merging successfully. In general, this game is very relaxing and gentle.

MOD APK version of Merge Home Master

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Merge Home Master APK & MOD for Android

If you are a fan of the super-entertaining mobile merging genre, Merge Home Master is a game you can’t ignore. Believe me, it is not easy to find a game that has attractive merge screens like this.

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