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Merge Animals 3D

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November 22, 2021 (12 mins ago)
Merge Animals 3D
SayGames Ltd
Android 5.0

Merge Animals 3D APK is one of the weirdest games I have ever played. Let your monstrous imagination soar away.

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Introduce about Merge Animals 3D

Merge DNA to create the craziest mutant on the planet

Free thinking, and “live and be crazy”

Ok, for those of you who are serious, I’ll talk about Merge Animals 3D like this: Merge Animals 3D is a casual action game from SayGames Ltd that revolves around the topic of creating mutants and letting them race.

And for those of you who like to go crazy, this is it: Merge Animals 3D is where you can let your crazy head fly free. Do the scariest things, and make the craziest combinations to conquer all the upcoming races.

Merge Animals 3D is a very good way for you to clear your mind. Play it to release all your crazy, low energy to satisfy your boundless curiosity. Because once you enter the world of Merge Animals 3D, you will become a mad scientist. Your mission is to merge the DNA of powerful animals into a human. And make him a mutant unique to the planet. Everything you’ve ever seen, ever known through the X-Men movie can now come true. Then, after creating the strangest human race, you will let him race and overcome the tracks full of terrible obstacles that ordinary people cannot overcome.

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The mutant version of DNA fusion

You know, the mutants in the movie mostly don’t know the reason why they become like that or why they have a strange natural talent. But in Merge Animals 3D, you know it. You will create all kinds of mutants by transplanting the DNA of a certain animal into a man used as a test subject.

Gameplay is very simple. Touch the injection and get the DNA in any vial below the screen (strange sticker with corresponding animals). Then drag the injection into the subject, injecting it at a point on his body. Anywhere on his body can be injected because it will give the same results.

The result of each DNA injection will be something new sprouting on the main object. The new thing that grows will have a large characteristic of the animal that you have previously selected for DNA. For example, using giraffe DNA, the human head of the experimental guy will be a giraffe head. Or when injecting the crab’s DNA into a person, the two normal arms will be replaced with 6 forearms like the claws of a baby crab. Or when using crocodile DNA, the guy will get gills and a long fishtail.

Accompanying the changes in appearance are corresponding abilities specific to each species. In particular, the Giraffe head will help you better balance, crab claws look a bit bulky but they will help you climb and quickly overcome obstacles, a few changes to the appearance of the crocodile will give you the ability to swim very quickly and dive deep in the water.

In this game, the experimental object is only one, but the animal DNA has many types. To start, you can create a mutant from a type of DNA. Then there will be more types of DNA, so it is possible to transform into dozens of different types of people by combining one, two, or even three or four types of DNA at the same time. Let your imagination run wild and make as many unique combinations as possible to create extremely powerful variations.

Conquer the race that any ordinary people have to give up

Once you have the results, you can test your unique men’s achievements by dropping them on races with lots of obstacles of all types and forms. On this track, they will directly race against the powerful species of nature or race against other unique mutants themselves. If you win the race, you will open many new types of DNA for the opportunity to create countless other interesting variations and continue the game.

Although it is a casual game revolving around the content of obstacle racing, the idea of ​​​​customizing X-Men people with animal DNA like this is really bold. The genius here is not a good runner but a scientist with enough madness and cold blood to make ingenious combinations that the normal-minded person would not dare to think of. The biggest goal is to create powerful humans to overcome all obstacles ahead with lightning speed. Because sometimes victory is just milliseconds away.

Merge Animals 3D features 20 race levels with a variety of weird obstacles. You won’t know anything until you put the first soldier into battle. From there, learn from experience, and make a new, more realistic, and useful soldier next time. You can incorporate up to 10 types of DNA into the object. Eagle wings, spider legs, rhinoceros’ horns, dragonfly eyes… All can become the ultimate weapon for you to create an invincible mutant. The better, smarter, and more suitable the combinations are, the more chances you have to conquer the track.

Download Merge Animals 3D APK for Android

Merge Animals 3D is a game you can play freely without thinking too much. Just imagine and explore freely. The game is beautiful, funny, and attractive with a super crazy idea. Those who are interested can download Merge Animals 3D here to try it out.

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