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Memory Latency Test 0.2.0 (Apache License 2.0)

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A small tool designed to test the memory latency of the processor and hence, help you figure out whether it is the cause of performance bottlenecks

What's new in Memory Latency Test 0.2.0:

Added: Parameter handling - options will be added in a future release "Press ENTER key to continue" on Windows Changed:

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Memory Latency Test is a benchmark tool designed to test out one aspect often ignored by similar tools, namely the CPU memory latency. Although a benchmarking tool, the application is lightweight and does not impact on the performance of the computer. In fact, users can perform any other tasks while the latency test is being performed.

According to some users, there is a mismatch between the processor speed and the main memory that often leads to performance bottlenecks. While it is true that modern high performance processors do allocate large amounts of cache for this purpose, sometimes users may notice that multi-media processing tools or video games may suffer.

The reason behind a performance bottleneck stems from the way the memory access typically works with processors. More precisely, the architecture is designed as multiple spreadsheets and the data is stored in rows and columns in each of them. Therefore, accessing a specific cell entails activating the corresponding sheet and then row and column to issue the read and write commands. Once the action is executed, a new command is sent to close the row. The simplified definition of latency is that it represents the delays between each of the aforementioned steps.

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