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MeinPlatz Portable 7.22 (Donationware)

2 years ago 94

Quickly performs scans on the HDD and analyses files, providing useful information such as size, extension, path and disk usage percentage

What's new in MeinPlatz Portable 7.22:

Fine-tuning in MeinPlatz, the memory nose on Windows 11 and 10 Important update of the language files

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MeinPlatz Portable is a software tool which helps people detect space hogs on their hard drive, so that they can remove them and gain more space.

This utility does not require installation, as it represents the portable version of MainPlatz. As a result, the Windows registry and Start menu/screen are not going to suffer any changes, and no leftover items will remain after its removal.

Aside from that, by dropping the program files to a USB stick, people can run MeinPlatz Portable on any computer they have access to, by simply double-clicking the executable.

The clean interface allows all user categories to work with it, without facing difficulties. Furthermore, it is comprised of a folder structure, a few shortcut buttons, a menu bar and a panel where to display the results.

The scan can be conducted on the entire hard drive, as well as on directories specified by individuals. It is also possible to include particular files or exclude others.

Results can be viewed as a list, alongside details such as total size, percentage number of files, path and modified, created and last accessed date. All this data can be printed or saved to the hard drive as TXT, CSV, HTML and XLS files, so that you can further analyze it.

You can change the window view from cascade to tile, and tile vertically, use a magnifying glass, and modify the aspect of the address bar.

Although MeinPlatz Portable burdens your system during the scanning process, it proves to be a useful piece of software for people interested in finding out what folders are eating most of their disk space.

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