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Manor Matters Mod APK 2.9.0 (Unlimited stars)

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Ora Hart - 29/11/2021

Are you interested in discovering mysteries? Download Manor Matters and investigate the manor full of mysteries and secrets. Go on adventures as well!

Puzzle adventure games are popular among Android players worldwide. They may not offer a lot of action; they have mysteries you can discover. If you’re into puzzle action games, Manor Matters is the game for you. Discover a manor entrusted to you full of secrets, unique artifacts and more. Here, you’ll become a detective who will use your keen senses!

Manor Matters Mod APK

Published by Playrix, this mystery game is for you to unravel! There will be a house full of mysteries waiting for you to be solved. Test your detective skills and play a variety of game modes. Find missing items on the screen in different locations. The more items you find, the more you can earn. Follow the mystery storyline in this game and investigate a lot of secrets. Can you discover them all? Will you able to take this daring challenge? Can you delve into an intriguing story?

Investigate a Manor

Have you always wanted to become an investigator? Are you someone who enjoys puzzle and solving mysteries? If so, then you might have the aptitude and skills to play Manor Matters. This is a popular game with mor than 10 million downloads as of today. It also has an average rating of 4.5 and thousands of positive reviews. This is an adventure puzzle game that will let you test your investigative skills to the limit!

Manor Matters APK Latest Version

Here, you’ll inherit Mr. Burkes’ Castlewood Manor. But little did you know that this manor holds a lot of secrets that you must uncover. Upon playing the game for the first time, you’ll be asked to find the key to the door. Complete this task by finding a bunch of items at the front of the house. Throughout the game, you’ll encounter many quests like this. Plus, you can design the manor however you want! Buy furniture, different items and make it as modern as possible. Restore the manor to its former glory by solving a lot of puzzles and earning money.

Features of Manor Matters

Are you always intrigued by secrets? Do you find yourself always investigating something no matter how trivial? Play Manor Matters now and test your detective skills.

Manor Matters APK Free Download

Follow the story – Are you always on the lookout for new things to unravel? Do you like mysteries as much as Sherlock Holmes? In Manor Matters, you’ll follow the story of an heir to a mansion called Castlewood Manor. This manor is the house of Mr. Burke who have suddenly gone missing. Now, it’s your time to make this manor as beautiful as it once was. But before you can do that, you will need to solve the mysteries surrounding the house. This is primarily a game where you’ll find missing objects and follow the story. Aside from that, you can design the entire manor to your liking. There are a lot of things to do, play the game now!

Find hidden objects around the house – One of the main things you will do in this game is uncovering objects. Throughout the story, you’ll be tasked to find hidden objects! There are usually around 4 objects you will find at a time. Aside from that, you may be lucky and find stars. This game has an abundance of mysteries for you to solve so you won’t get bored.

Download Manor Matters For Android

Design the manor – This game also allows you to change the furniture and find missing pieces. You can design the entire manor so it returns to its former look. You will find that you may need to change the carpets, the tapestry and many other things. You can also add some lamps, couches and tables in the game. There are so many things to discover while renovating the manor. But you’ll definitely enjoy renovating and uncovering the secrets that lie within the manor.

Fun graphics and controls – This game lets you enjoy the storyline complete with graphics and cutscenes. There are also dialogues from the main character as well as the supporting cast. You will certainly enjoy exploring the house and doing certain things. The manor is designed perfectly and you will have a top-down view. Aside from that, Manor Matters has superb sound effects that go well in the game.

Complete tasks – The game has different tasks in store for you every day. Depending on the day, you may need to change the rug or replace the fireplace. There are so many things that can happen inside the game. Completing the tasks will reward you and progress the story as well. You will certainly enjoy the various mysteries that await you!

Download Manor Matters Mod APK – Latest version

If you’re itching to solve some puzzles and decorate a mansion, download Manor Matters today! Enjoy a lot of puzzles to solve now.

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