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Malwarebytes Browser Guard for Chrome 2.3.11 (Freeware)

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Enjoy fast and safe Internet browsing with the help of this neat Chrome extension that adds protection without affecting performance

The Internet is a gateway that leads to pretty much all the world has to offer. Unfortunately, that is not always necessarily a good thing, since there are many sources of malicious content ready to infect your PC system from just one wrong click. Given the case, most of you would probably think of installing an antivirus tool. Unfortunately, they are usually large and take a heavy toll on your system's performance so that a lightweight solution would be a better alternative. Malwarebytes Browser Extension for Chrome is one such lightweight solution, as it prevents malware from accessing your PC via malicious sites, and it comes in the form of a browser add-on.

A lightweight solution for an age-old problem

It's easier to prevent than to repair, and that's exactly the principle that this add-on follows. Its main purpose is preventing access from websites that are even remotely dangerous.  This doesn't mean that it can be used as website blocker since it doesn't block access to that respective site, it just gives you a beforehand warning, leaving you the choice of whether or not you enter it.

Gain protection from all types of malicious content

There are several particular types of threats that this app protects you from. This includes malware protection, scam protection, advertising or tracker protection, clickbait protection, and potentially unwanted program (PUP) protection. Each type of protection can be switched on and off, which is a neat feature to have, especially if you know that a website is, in fact, safe and may just be the subject of a false-positive. Websites that you usually trust can be added to a whitelist, and from then on their domain will never be scanned or banned, regardless of which protection settings you have turned on. More so, whenever you decide to go against the add-on's warnings and enter the website, its domain will automatically be added to the whitelist.

A great preventive measure for your Chrome browser

Malwarebytes Browser Extension for Chrome may not seem to bring much to the table as far as browsing protection goes, but considering how easy it is to get malware on your PC nowadays, every single effort counts. This makes it a great addition to your Google Chrome browser, especially if you're the type that is always navigating and downloading content off of the Internet.

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