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MagicMouseTrails 3.11 (Donationware)

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Displays a decorative trail after your mouse cursor as you move it around the desktop, providing various themes and customization options

What's new in MagicMouseTrails 3.11:

Small adjustments when used in combination with various system transparency tools Further improvements for Windows 11 Update of the language files in the Magic Mouse Tracks Tool

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Designed to beautify your desktop, MagicMouseTrails toggles a trail of symbols following the mouse cursor as you move it around. It provides a way to customize your desktop and make it more interesting.

With a very low system footprint, MagicMouseTrails requires a low amount of resources. You can have fun moving your cursor around as fast as you can to see how many symbols are included in the sequence. As a rule, the faster the movement, the more symbols follow the mouse arrow. The number of trails you generate at each mouse move is shown within the main window of the application.

Multiple customization settings to try out

There are various themes you can choose from, from colored stars, hearts, and balloons to footballs, flowers, and leaves. MagicMouseTrails is designed to show random tails, but you can also configure it to reveal mixed stars and points.

Aside from the ready-to-use templates, the developers of MagicMouseTrails added a few customization options that enable you to control the way the trail is displayed. For instance, you can adjust the speed of the trail, set its intensity and the rotation degree. The size and the length of the trail can also be changed to match your preferences.

If you are looking for a more discrete effect, then you can try and fine-tune the transparency.

A decorative cursor tracker for a Windows computer

MagicMouseTrails implements a mouse tracker in Windows, allowing you to customize the desktop's appearance with cursor effects. Its purpose is solely related to beautifying the desktop.

To avoid having to start the application after every system startup, you can configure it to launch with Windows by checking the designated box. If you want to disable it for a while, there is a checkbox for that as well within the main window, so that you can keep MagicMouseTrails running.

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