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Magic Tiles 3 Mod APK 8.086.303 (Vip Unlocked)

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Phil Castillo - 08/10/2021

Download Magic Tiles 3 Mod APK Latest Version free for Android. Tapping to the music and music has never been this fun. Enjoy an amazing music-based game.

Do you love the Piano Tiles and Magic Tiles series? Are you addicted to fun rhythm-based games? Then, this is definitely what you want to be playing now. Download Magic Tiles 3 for A Droid and experience both a fun and challenging music tapping game for anyone of any age to enjoy.

How to play


It’s super easy to play the game. Simple tap controls make it accessible for people of all ages. Although, the difficulty comes from your cognitive skills and dexterity. Can you truly handle managing both of these aspects at the same time?


Each level will have you racing against the beat of the song. In order to keep up, you’ll need to tap on each key before they pass by. But, that’s not the only aspect. You will also be required to tap and hold on certain keys displayed. Take it a step forward, some keys will need to be pressed simultaneously. This is not simple task.

To add even more difficulty to the mix, the songs can be sped up to a limit that seems almost unreal for the regular player. But maybe you aren’t the average gamer. There’s only one way to test that out for yourself. You’ll need to go ahead and download Magic Tiles 3 for Android and begin your music run.

Game Modes

Here are some of the game modes offered:

magic-tiles-3-mod-apk Band Mode lets you play with many different instruments. You are never restricted to just using a piano when playing. Are you ever feeling competitive? Do you want to test your skills against other players around the world? Well, Battle Mode gives you the chance to co Pete with other people from any location. Just as long as you have an internet connection, you’re fine. Finally, are you looking to improve your tapping skills? Challenge Mode offers all of the difficulty and experience needed to become the absolute best. We recommend hitting the Challenge Mode before going out and competing with other players. magic-tiles-3-apk-free-download

With these in mind, you’ll have everything you need to know about the game at face value.

Here are some extra details to note

Also take note if the following:

You can directly compete with anyone you want with Custom Matches. This way, you can challenge your friends directly to any type of battle. This option is available in the Battle Mode. All the songs are in high quality. You’ll enjoy listening to every track while tapping along to the beat. Make sure to memorize the song in order to properly get a feeling for your taps and improve your dexterity.

Magic Tiles 3 Mod APK Free Download

Downloading the modified version of the game will reap you many benefits, not originally a part of the base game. Anyone with even half a mind would want to download this version over the original.


With the Mod APK you can get these additions:

Unlimited diamonds Unlimited coins Vip Unlocked No ads

These features are more than enough for you to want to download and I stall the APK of the game. If not, you are seriously missing out on a great musical experience for any mobile device. So, go ahead and get the load Magic Tikes Mod APK download latest version available now.

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