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Updated on October 2, 2022

Everyone wants to have a good memory and perfect concentration. In addition to the benefit for work, daily activities, people also become more optimistic in old age. So why don’t you practice your memory now with this app Lumosity MOD APK?

Introduce about Lumosity

Train your brain and learn about how your mind works

Exercise your brain before it’s too late

Everything in and outside your body needs to be practiced every day to function smoothly and maintain its “age” for a long time, especially the brain. Brain is something that we cannot quantify clearly. Only when it’s bad, will we realize and try to treat but it may be too late. Therefore, the criterion is always “prevention is better than cure”. Train your brain from today!

Anyone with a gym or physical training methods has noticed one thing: there are always milestones and effectiveness measured with specific numbers. For example, body fat percentage, body muscle percentage, waist measurement will give you feeling about strength and bending. However, the brain is different. Whether you practice or not, it is impossible to measure the effectiveness and “health” of the mind.

What we can see, unfortunately, is only when the consequences have come. From here, everyone need understand that brain training is extremely necessary. And once you practice, you need to be patient, consistent and determined instead of expecting to see the change day by day.

For those of you who are like-minded or looking for a good application to do your will, I would introduce Lumosity.

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Scientific and Professional Assurance

Let’s talk about Lumosity so that you can imagine its reliability. This application is currently used by more than forty million people, designed by a team of renowned neuroscientists, tested in many experiments and practical studies. The main goal of this app is to guide the user through a personalized training program. Thereby Lumosity can help to enhance memory, strengthen concentration, and harness the power of the brain in each person.

Practice through games

In the form of brain training, improving memory, maintaining positive focus, and practicing every day through a specific schedule are the most effective way. These are the fastest and best way to create excitement for any object as well.

The cognitive games in Lumosity are designed to stimulate movement of all areas in human’s brain. There is math, vocabulary and a lot of knowledge that requires high concentration. Each game, each level comes with a scoreboard that measures the user’s performance. You will track your progress and advancement day by day.

This training program is also divided into several types of skills. Depending on the needs at each time, you will have your own choice based on the suggested schedule of the application such as memory training, concentration training, reasoning ability, brain speed training…

You only need to spend 15 to 20 minutes a day to complete a few attractive games in Lumosity. In return, you will find that your mind is clear, lucid, and always in the best state.

How to play?

You will respectively play through challenging levels in the app. The topic is chosen by you from the beginning such as memory, concentration, flexibility, situational skills, acumen, reasoning ability, calculation ability and language ability. Each topic will have many levels from simple to difficult. Follow those levels and you will slowly gauge your improvement.

When playing, you simply try to answer the application’s questions correctly or complete as many challenges within the time limit as possible. When each game is completed, there will be an evaluation score. These points will then be summed up to measure the user’s progress and sent to you in the form of a report at the scheduled time previously set.

After selecting the skills you want to improve, Lumosity will suggest corresponding games from the library of twenty-five different games available. For example, if you want to test your ability to calculate, Lumosity will suggest playing games with numbers, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and finding lost numbers. When it comes to practice language ability, the game will suggest a series of word matching games, crosswords for you… Of course, the more you play, the faster the game speed is and the more difficult the game becomes. That’s also when your brain registers progress.

The results obtained after the user’s scores will be evaluated. This review is purely based on science along with the experiences of many of the experts who contributed to this Lumosity project. Thereby, it is completely reliable, remarkable, and can be relied on to evaluate each mental skill.

The ultimate goal is to have a score of equal skills. That’s when your brain is being trained in the right direction and 360 degrees.

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In short, Lumosity is a brain training application through a series of games based on scientific research and expert advice. It’s simple and condensed with easy-to-see 2D graphics. Especially, there is no sound for users to focus on work. This useful application I think everyone should have in their mobile to practice a little every day. No pain, no gain!

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