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Lovecraft Locker Mod APK 1.1.85

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Ora Hart - 26/11/2022

There are many interesting game available today. But if you are pretty adventurous, then you should try playing Lovecraft Locker Mod APK today!

interesting game are fun ones that you can enjoy as an interest and they’re also called anime games. Today, there are plenty of games like these that are masked as dating simulation games. But if you want something that doesn’t beat around the bush, then you’ll enjoy Lovecraft Locker APK! In short, this game is the culmination of all the anime topics in Japan and it allows you to enjoy a unique one. Here, you can catch various girls around school with your tentacles.

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This game lets you wait in lockers as you catch girls with your tentacles. Here, there are plenty of girls that are passing by the lockers so you will have many targets. Then, you can tap the locker to unleash the tentacles that will catch the girls into the locker. There, you can enjoy some vivid scenes that aren’t suitable for those that are under the age of 18. Enjoy a wild anime game today where you can catch many girls!

Catch Girls

When we think about dating simulations, the first things that come into our minds are cute girls and schools. These are the typical formula for dating sims today and people seem to enjoy it a lot. But if you’re someone who wants to skip all the pleasantries and the dialogues, then you’ll want to play something hardcore. Lovecraft Locker Game is a unique interesting game that lets you enjoy anime as it is.


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What we mean by this is that it literally doesn’t have any story or dialogues to it. It’s just a game where all your fantasies are coming true as you try to snatch every girl you see. Here, there are plenty of girls that are walking in the hallway and you can snatch them into your locker as a tentacle. You can then do all sorts of interest things to them and they’ll come out looking dazed.

Occasionally, you’ll get to enjoyed the beautiful scene on the screen as you pleasure the girl with tentacles. Overall, this isn’t a bad anime game!

Lovecraft Locker Features

Do you ever want to play a tentacle anime game? Download Lovecraft Locker APK now and enjoy.

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A Straightforward Anime – There are many fun anime games that are on the Play Store today. If you’ll search for it, there are numerous dating simulations all over the web. However, some people don’t find these games to their liking and would want something more straightforward. Although there’s the option of just watching anime shows but there’s something about a game that makes it more interesting. In Lovecraft Locker Game, you can enjoy dragging girls in locker rooms!

Here, there will be plenty of girls roaming around the hallways in your school wearing the school outfit. Instead of a normal guy, you are a tentacle that’s hiding in the lockers in the school. Here, you can then snatch the girls using your tentacles and do the deed on them. Enjoy the exciting scenes unfold right through the screen as you release the girls looking like they want more.


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Snatch all the Girls – There are plenty of girls in this game today that you can enjoy. There are blonde girls, and those that have different hair colors that look cute. Moreover, there are golden girls that give out more pleasure than any other. Here, you can enjoy fun graphics as you watch the girls become pleasured and forget all about the place, they’re in.

Enjoy – Here, you can simultaneously capture many girls in different lockers and enjoy beautiful scenes inside the locker rooms. The girls that are passing by will be shocked by what they’re witnessing but that can’t stop you from fulfilling your desires! Catch as many girls as you can and fill your phrasebook!

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Fun Cartoon Graphics – The game doesn’t feature a hyper-realistic 3D graphics like most dating sims today. However, it offers an old-school one where the cartoon graphics are incredible and the girls are cute. You’ll be able to enjoy a simple but fulfilling game today!

Lovecraft Locker Mod APK – Latest version

Tentacles are a staple in Japan anime shows. In Lovecraft Locker, you’ll be the one to pleasure the girls.

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