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November 23, 2021 (4 seconds ago)
Love Esquire
Yangyang Mobile
Android 6.0

Love Esquire APK is the clearest evidence for the saying “Heroes do not pass the beauty test”. No matter how long you play the role of a swordsman and how many times you join in turn-based battles, you will eventually have to fall before the beautiful beauties in the game.

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Introduce about Love Esquire

Romantic-comedy visual novel/dating sim with a touch of old-school RPG combat!

Love Esquire is so sweet

People often talk about sublime things when it comes to “heroes”. But the movies and history have shown that there are many knights, swordsmen, and heroes who spend their whole life fighting just for Love. And if you want to see if Love is worth the sacrifice, then try Love Esquire.

Love Esquire for Android 1440x810

Love Esquire is a game that combines interactive fiction, classic role-playing, and turn-based combat. But the combat part is just an excuse because everything you do (sweat and fight) is just to find love for yourself.

To prevent your expectations from flying so far away, I must tell you that the knight in Love Esquire is not an outstanding talent. He is just a small and simple soldier. He has a little heroic blood, a little talent, and basic fighting skills. However, he has a great desire: he doesn’t want to live a dim life y and follow the arrangement of fate, he wants to find his own love story and rewrite it the way he wishes.

Thinking of this desire, the knight suddenly felt like his head was glowing because he suddenly found the truth of life. Isn’t love what everyone yearns for? So, if he finds a true Love, the girl of his life, he must be a successful hero.

He took up arms and enthusiastically set out to conquer Love. The destination you, like the knight, must achieve when playing Love Esquire is to steal the hearts of the 5 most beautiful and talented girls in the kingdom. The flirting journey begins.

Why do you have to work so hard to increase stats?

Just like a real battle, flirting isn’t easy, it needs a reason, a trick, and a strategy. The rest is a bit of luck. To win her heart, the knight in the game will have to spend all his time every day fighting monsters to collect coins, items and to increase stats, and finally to conquer the five most beautiful girls in the kingdom.

Love Esquire on APKMODY 1440x810

This is also common sense. If you want to find true love, you must have a certain level. What beauty doesn’t want to love the good guy? The first two things you must do are to perfect yourself, upgrade yourself in all aspects to make yourself more beautiful and impressive in the eyes of the other person. It is also true in real life. If you are not beautiful, you must be smart, or if you are not smart, you must have the will to progress, or if you do not have the will to progress, you must be rich. If it all comes together, it is the best. It is difficult for any girl to reject such a man.

The Secret of the Master

The key to the game is that you must always create a Balance: balance the time of the day for the tasks, balance the stats so that the knight is always in the best status, and balance the time for five girls. Be careful not to put too much effort into one of the 5 girls.

Divide your time, you have to think and do it yourself. Balancing the investment for each stat at each time is not too difficult, especially if you have experienced the classic RPGs. Only the part of conquering the girls is the strangest.

To win her heart, the knight must invest time and effort, and be with them a lot, talk about all kinds of things in heaven and earth, give gifts, accompany her in so many things. At first, all 5 girls, although different in character, have one thing in common: not paying attention to the lowly soldier. But that’s okay, being handsome is not as good as being stubborn. As long as you are patient, one day you will get a response.

But that’s not enough, sometimes you can just be friends. To get to her heart, you also need to understand the inside. Learn about the background, personality, inner worries of each girl to do the right thing. Try to reach the highest realm of the master of conquering women. A happy ending where she nods shyly to accept that love will come.

Depending on your attitude, sincerity, tact, and level of investment, different situations will open up when approaching girls. Here, the interactivity of romance novels will come into play. Depending on how you behave, you will come to different endings and get the ideal love of your life.

Graphics and sounds

Like the usual anime style, there is a clear difference between the character creation in the poster and the actual character image in the game. If only the small character image was as beautiful as the static 2D image, how good it would be. Well, if you’re too familiar with anime games, you probably won’t care much about it. In my experience, don’t watch the ads or cutscenes too deeply, just go straight to the game to avoid disappointment.

Love Esquire APK download 1440x810

Except for the above cons of these anime games, I like Love Esquire’s visuals and sound so much. The scenery is beautiful, the background is naturally blurred, the movement of the character is smooth. Color is the best thing that highlights the design and adds excitement to the progression of the game.

Another plus point of Love Esquire is the image of the other 5 dream girls. Each has her own personality and appearance, worth exploring. Not to mention that every time someone appears, the background music changes according to her personality and mood, making the player very immersed in flirting with them.

Download Love Esquire APK for Android

The game is fun with the strange idea that is satirical but very reasonable, witty cutscene, and lovely, romantic images. The intention and gameplay are also reasonable. In general, it is worth taking the time to enjoy. If you want to find your true love, try Love Esquire with me.

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