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LOGINventory 9.0.5 (Demo)

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A useful tool designed to query and catalog all of the information regarding the hardware and software available on your computer and on your network

Managing the hardware and software assets of a company is a particularly tedious task, more so when dealing with large organizations. Fortunately, digital tools have removed much of the need for actual fieldwork; LOGINventory is just one such powerful application, allowing network administrators to scan and keep track of all the program licenses and hardware devices owned by the company.

Scan the network for used software and hardware items

The utility can be installed on a central management station, acting as a hub for all analyses. Network administrators can run all the necessary scans from this position and one of the notable features of the tool is that it generates minimum traffic when processing commands; at the same time, scan results are accurate and fast, mainly due to the use of parallel network queries, via both IP and SNMP protocols.

All the gathered results are saved into a database, a setup that ensures adequate protection, both against unauthorized access, but also data corruption. Once scan results are complete, the application will display detailed information on all the entries found, including source IP values and item descriptions.

Display intuitive graphs based on the data retrieved

These options make it a uniquely valuable tool for performing IT asset audits and ensuring company software and hardware items are adequately managed. For managers or higher personnel who are time-pressed for solutions, the program also provides visual representations of the data collected, in the form of informative graphs.

As for the software side of things, the application features thorough algorithms to retrieve all the license information from target computers. It also provides its users with license metrics such as per-user or per-device indices.

A powerful utility to conduct thorough software and hardware audits

All things considered, LOGINventory is a valuable tool for anyone tasked to manage an organization's program licenses and hardware devices. It can be employed to effectively conduct analyses across the entire network from a centralized hub and all the data retrieved is stored in a database for improved security.

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