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Lite XL 2.0.3 (MIT License)

2 years ago 90

A lightweight and extensible text editor based on Lua, that provides you with speed, ease of use and practical graphical user interface

What's new in Lite XL 2.0.3:

Replace periodic rescan of project folder with a notification based system using the dmon library. Improves performance especially for large project folders since the application no longer needs to rescan. The application also reports immediately any change in the project directory even when the application is unfocused. Provide out-of-branch LuaJIT-based version of the application.

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The advantage of using a text editor more complex than Notepad is that it supports multiple types of extensions so you do not need to constantly switch from one app to the other. Lite XL is such an alternative.

Portable Lua-based text editor

Unlike some other text editors out there, Lite XL is portable by default, meaning that it stores all its dependencies in a single folder that you can keep on your removable USB drive and carry with you. This way, whenever you want to continue working on your projects, you can simply plug in your thumb drive and pick up where you left off.

Expert-oriented utility

However, despite its intended ease of use, this application is in fact targeted at more experienced users, as it heavily relies on keyboard commands. In fact, all buttons and menus are replaced with a plethora of built-in hotkeys that can perform all functions you might require.

Furthermore, you need to modify user modules whenever some of the settings no longer satisfy you. More specifically, you can add extra key bindings, apply a different color theme, or change the overall app style - all of these changes can be operated using solely dedicated command, so proper syntax knowledge is a must.

Includes tab support

Another handy feature of Lite XL is that you can open several documents side by side, each in its own dedicated tab. This means you do not need to open multiple instances of the app when you need to process more than one file.

To sum it up

All in all, Lite XL is bound to impress all users with its small size and minimalist looks, yet it is mostly the experts who will truly appreciate how quickly and hassle-free completing commands can be, as long as they learn the correct hotkey combination.

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