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Life of Mellow

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December 15, 2021 (5 mins ago)
Life of Mellow
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Android 7.0

Life of Mellow MOD APK can help you find a little peace amid the stormiest days. Still a series of days of struggle for survival, but it is now so gentle and elegant.

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Introduce about Life of Mellow

Live peacefully like a bird song

Life of Mellow, a relaxing survival

Although coming from the most famous mobile game studio MondayOFF in Korea, information about Life of Mellow was quite rare before it was released, it can even be considered a bit faint compared to the massive games that this publisher did before. But when released, Life of Mellow has satisfied everyone, from the young to the old, or even those who are passionate about other mobile game genres.

It also makes sense. You know, we can hardly find a game of survival that is relaxed, peaceful without being noisy, bustling, or fighting all day like this game. And the way the game was published is also strange, gently as a new wind amid a bustling forest of mobile games today.


We play as a sweet marshmallow. In a limited area, you will have to do a lot of things to survive, build, and develop your land for a long time.

Your task in the game is to build your town, cover every corner of this place with green, build a farm, collect resources and turn your life from “just existing” to “mastering your life”. The once desolate land will become rich, full of vitality and economic potential. That’s roughly the setting of Life of Mellow.

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Live without hustle and bustle, everything is just enough

Different from the usual survival games that emphasize survival fighting elements, Life of Mellow has opened up a new survival concept. In which, “Enjoy” and “Experience” are the two most important words that bring the whole feeling to the player. You don’t need to stress much, just open your heart, relax to receive and enjoy the surrounding nature in your own way, and then slowly develop in all aspects.

You will start by building your dream village. But before that, we need to gather resources (wood, stone, metal…) and grow different crops to ensure local food sources.

Having the resources, you start building the first house. Having a place to rest, then start thinking of more interesting things to cultivate. You can hire other marshmallows to help you grow and harvest crops, then expand the field of livestock and other things. For money collected from agricultural products, you will use it to build new buildings and expand the land. At the same time, the village needs management at a higher level as there are more problems as the population increases. Find a way to survive the four seasons while enjoying the laid-back atmosphere of your beautiful and affluent village, and you’ll quickly become everyone’s trusted village chief.

Later, when things become more and more complicated, you will have to make more macro-scale decisions. You must answer some questions, such as “should we expand the wooden room over there? Should the area be divided into small ones for different crop varieties to alternate with livestock? Should we hire more workers to fuel this year’s harvest?”… Practice facing everything, from the smallest things to the greatest, and you will gradually mature both in thought and skill.

On a peaceful landscape, survival goes on every day

But everything is not peaceful only. Around this land, there are always things that threaten the simple life you desire: The harsh winter weather, natural disasters, epidemics, fierce wild animals, and a series of difficult events will come one after another. Are you brave enough to endure and overcome everything? This is when the survival element of Life of Mellow manifests itself most clearly.

Each season has its own characteristics and challenges. In the spring, the trees are lush and favorable for planting and raising livestock. Summer is hot, so you’ll need to find a steady source of water quickly before the hottest months hit. In Autumn and Winter, the weather gradually becomes more difficult to adapt to. Some events will occur. You need to be ready for shelter, food and water reserves in stock, and a variety of backup plans for crops and livestock.

The character’s ability to learn new life skills is a remarkable thing in Life of Mellow. The marshmallow character looks so soft but can continuously acquire many different skills to survive such as creating farming tools, exploiting resources with pickaxes, shovels, hammers, saws… Learn how to do it yourself, grow and harvest all kinds of crops, catch wild animals to feed… By playing Life of Mellow, I have learned many things. I even thought to myself that if one day I got lost in a place like this, maybe I would be able to do something thanks to this game.

Graphics and sound

Along with the fresh, beautiful, and gentle landscape, Life of Mellow also attracts me by the weather and color factors of each season. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter are all unique and surprisingly beautiful. Many times, while playing, I sit and think, I wish I could leave this busy city, I wish I had enough confidence to find a peaceful place and build everything up like this. And now that dream is even more burning…

Let’s talk about the sound. Honestly, the melodious background music makes me melt. It is so breathtaking that you can imagine the poetic scene in front of your eyes and just want to run there quickly. The activities of the characters here are quite vivid with a series of small or good sounds. They work and work, never rest. The sound of life makes me indeed relaxed.

In particular, as the village expands, there will be more melodies, more and more exciting, attractive, and colorful rhythms, heralding the town’s prosperous times.

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