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LepideAuditor Suite 21.2 (Trial)

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Monitor Group Policy changes within Active Directories, SQL databases or SharePoint servers and receive instant notifications on critical issues

What's new in LepideAuditor Suite 21.2:

User Centric Anomaly Detection: Users will now be able to detect anomalies in user behavior, including anomalous logon/logoff activity outside of office hours. Upgraded Look and Feel for Mobile: Our IOS and Android Apps will now have an updated look and feel to improve usability. Individual Report Nodes for Office 365. Reports for when sensitive data is shared with external users.

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LepideAuditor Suite is a comprehensive application designed to monitor group Policy changes and notify the administrators of critical issues. The application can analyze the status of the monitored instance, at regular intervals and record it, then generate a periodical report. You may thus observe changes and general tendencies.

Server and database monitoring

LepideAuditor Suite is designed to supervise several instances, namely Active Directory, Exchange Server and Group policy, SQL Server or a SharePoint Server. If you administer a server, you can configure the audit process for your particular domain. Simply specify the domain name or IP and the desired audit components.

In case you wish to supervise an SQL server, you need to connect to it, whether it is installed at a local or remote destination. Select the desired databases, server objects and users that you wish to audit. Once the connection is established, you can view the Dashboard, the main tab, which, in time, is populated with charts indicating activity.

Generate periodical audit reports

Aside from the overview offered by the Dashboard tab, LepideAuditor Suite allows you to view changes and effects in the audit reports. The results are displayed in a table and can be filtered by Object name, who created it, the creation date, the operation, the application used and the script. Alternatively, you may display the same report in graph or calendar view.

The program can highlight critical changes, that indicate high differences than previous values and notify you or other users - team members, clients, suppliers. The issues are displayed in a separate tab, Alerts, which is split into Auditing Alerts and Health Monitoring Alerts.

Reliable report scheduler

LepideAuditor Suite allows you to schedule the generation of activity / health monitoring reports, for the selected databases / Group Policies. The results are stored and displayed in the designated tab, but you can also set the application to notify you over email when alerts occur. The program also allows you to restore the active Directory or the Group Policy Objects to a previous state by running available backups.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSION15 days trial Nag screen SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSDual Core Processor or higher Processor Recommended RAM 8 GB Minimum 1 GB free disk space (2GB recommended) .NET Framework 4.0 or later SQL Server 2005 - 2016

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